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Am I pregnant?

Hi, I've been trying to conceive for a while now and last month started tracking my fertility with ovulation sticks. I had sex the day before my actual ovulation day according to the sticks. I have since started what I think is spotting on the day I expected my period which was Saturday and did a pregnancy test the following morning (still spotting). It was negative. I then came on later that afternoon on a lightish period (as usually I'm quite heavy) but assumed we were unsuccessful this time. I continued with a light but enough to be a period the following day which was Monday. Tuesday I had hardly anything and then Wednesday I had more of a light period that filled more than a panty liner and the same today. I did a pregnancy test again yesterday and it came up negative again. I'm confused as I think and feel like I'm having pregnancy symptoms like tender breasts, a little nausea at times and really tired but the tests are negative. Should I see a doctor or am I just confused for no reason. am I pregnant and I keep getting a false negative?!

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Hi there,

It is unlikely that you would keep getting false negatives, but if you are concerned you could go and speak to a nurse at your local family planning clinic - they could have a chat about your dates and you could also take a test there to be sure. If you have been trying to conceive for over a year, or sooner if you are over 35, if you or your partner have had problems conceiving in the past, or if you have had an ectopic pregnancy, you could go and speak to your GP just to check there isn't anything that might be affecting your chances of conceiving. There is also information on the NHS website about trying to conceive which might be useful - it also includes advice about taking folic acid, which should be started before you conceive to be of greatest benefit to the health of your baby:

I hope this helps.

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