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AA again

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As I have said many times,avoid AA if you can.or at least only take for a short time. Before the damage was known I took it for 7 years and suffered 2 fractured femurs .. The first one was only discovered after a new doctor sent me to a bone clinic. Everyone said the pain I was in was muscular so I walked on a broken leg for 2 years. Take care.

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You must have been in terrible pain ! I hope the doctors are looking after you properly now sending hugs 💕

I am so sorry to hear. I have had a broken leg and i can certainly sympathise. I hope you are getting better now.

I refused to take it but my osteoporosis has been caused by hyperparathyroidism. My surgeon says it should improve if not reverse in the next couple of years. Will carry on with the vit d calcium magnesium boron and vit d. Sorry to hear you have suffered. What do you take now?

I couldn’t take it at all. I just took the one and it made me ill.

So sad for you. They only recently understood these long term problems and not all GPs are aware. People now have to take a drug holiday after some years. I have a less serious problem. I have been taking omeprazole for 17 years and only recently knew it can cause osteoporosis so I am struggling to reduce the dose and maybe get off it before I get another compression fracture

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