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AA still the villain ?

As previously posted I was on AA for 7 years before a fractured left femur caused by it , was discovered and pinned successfully in 2016. 10 months later the fight femur went and that was pinned as well.I also have fractures in my lower spine. All very well, but I thought after stopping AA I was safe. Now I have a very painful right arm and shoulder. I am awaiting the result of an X-ray on Friday to see if I have a broken humerus.

How far reaching are the effects of these dreaded pills ?

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Hello Gillymar. I'm sorry to hear what a terrible time you've had with fractures and no wonder you're so concerned about the impact of bisphosphonates. I was reading something earlier which pointed out that bisphosphonates have only been shown to reduce fracture rate by just over 1%, but this had been claimed to be a 50% reduction because of misinterpretation of statistics! There's currently research going on to check whether bisphosphonates may reduce bone strength as demonstrated in a recent small survey. Nobody seems to know how long bisphosphonates stay in your bones (apart from a vague suggestion of years) nor the long-term impact after you stop taking them. I hope your shoulder improves soon and isn't fractured - I've just been having physio for a shoulder impingement which caused pain in my shoulder and arm, so there may be another explanation for yours. Next on my list is a hospital appointment for a possible ankle stress fracture, except my other ankle is now playing up too so I'm wondering if it's caused by a back problem instead. My GP wants me back on bisphosphonates but I'm refusing! Will go armed with articles next time I see him!

Let us know how you get on.


Thanks. Will contact again when I get the result of the X-ray.

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Hi Gillymar, I understood you should only take it for five years, then change or have medication break? I got almost to the end of five years and had been arguing this point with GP When I suffered two compression wedge fracture, followed by another one two months later. After, X-rays and MRI and visit to OP Consultant I am now on daily injections. Feeling positive but who really knows?? 😩


Hi Messyme17, do you mean daily injections of bisphosphonates?


I'm on Forsteo daily injections. It an artificial parathyroid I understand. Not too good with technical terms etc but you can Google it for a better explanation.


I am 10 months into 2 years daily injections of Teriparatide , another name for forsteo. It is a nuisance having to remember to self administer every day .

Does it really work I ask as I now have a very painful right arm (see my last message) and suspect another fracture. Had an X-ray last week and wanting result.


so sorry you are still feeling pain and think it may be another fracture. It's so hard to know what to do for the best isn't it.

Luckily my husband always reminds me it's time for the jab as come the evening I'm nodding off!!

At the moment I feel fairly good but as soon as I start to do too much I pay for it in pain in my rib and back.

Good luck with everything and try and think positive but I do know how hard that is.


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