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Osteopenia help

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I am 33 and I have been diagnosed with osteopenia does anyone else have this I suffer with chronic joint pain and I have grip pain when handling cups and it hurts I can’t pick up a cup sometimes my left knee joint will give way and I fall over I have also multiple other health issues gastroparosis progressive slcerosing cholongitis and bowl disease

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So sorry to hear about all your ailments & you’re so young too!I have found MSM tabs really help me,I have OP & arthritis & I seize up overnight,they’re also anti inflammatory,no side effects like NSAIDS .May need check with doc ok with your meds.Worth a shot.Good luck. 😀

Hi there ,I'm so sorry you are suffering so much.

I hope you are getting good medical help and also have a good support network.

I have osteopenia but without any symptoms.I doubt any of your issues are caused by this. Like a lot of people on here I try to address it with supplements , diet and exercise. I take calcium citrate,vitamin K2 to ensure the calcium is channelled to the bones, vit D, magnesium and boron. Look on the Royal Osteoporosis Society website for information on diet and exercise to help with the condition. You may need to.check with your doctor or a physio to see what exercise is compatible with your other conditions. Huge good luck.x

Hi, Have you been tested for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? I have EDS and also gastroparesis and have issues with joints and widespread pain.

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Hi sorry for the late Reply I haven’t but I’ll ask about it thank you

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