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Good News, of a different kind.

I have received my second vaccine!!!

Feel achy, headache, and arm has ballooned up and is extremely painful.

The latter making sleep even more difficult to find any comfortable position.

The best things are that unlike my fractures the pain will go away quickly.

It will open my door to the outside world that has been closed for a whole year YEAH !!!


SOON I will be able to speak to some of my beautiful family without having a pane of glass between us.

I will have a little longer to wait to see my wonderful son who lives abroad but I am very hopeful, we are at last going in the right direction. X

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That's good to hear Sunseaandsand, it won't be long before you're out and about and enjoying the company of your family.

I had my first jab 10 days ago and had a very bad flu-like reaction for several days with fever, pressure in my head and I shivered so violently I was worried about fracturing! Then the area beneath the injection site started to itch and is very red and hot. It seems to be getting worse. ☹ I must be honest, it has put me off having the second dose.

I hope your symptoms don't last too long and you get some comfortable sleep.😊

Hi Molly Stark,The reaction to the vaccine seem to mirror my own my arm hasbeen very painfull it has now started to itch as it did with my first vaccine.

I read an interesting article on the BBC news a couple of days ago.

A study has found that women are more likely to have side effects from the vaccines ( and younger the age the more probable) also with the Astra Zeneca the side effects are less with the second dose but with the Pfizer they are more with the second dose.

The latter is my case.

I hope your side effects reduce quickly but if they continue perhaps a call to your gp would be worthwhile.

Take care and continue to be safe.

And spring is finally here. I hope that you manage to get some rest and feel better tomorrow.

PS I love your posts.😀

My cousin who is 93 had her second Pfizer on Friday,her arm was swollen and painful by the evening but she tells me is a lot better today,so a day or two should mean you feel lots better.Still waiting for my second but freedom beckons for us all! We must just hold on to our hope for a better year.

Such good news to hear that your cousin has also received her second vaccine and that her arm is starting to feel better.

Mine is still very swollen but not quite as painful and now has gone onto the itchy stage.

I hope you will not have to wait long before you have your second, it really does give us hope.

For now with 2 vaccines, face masks and handwashing we have as much protection from this terrible disease as possible, time is going by too quickly we have to now move forward in our own safe ways.

Whilst I do feel feel for the young ones, losing a years schooling etc, I do think that the older you are , and the less time left on this earth you have to come the harder this past year has been. My 93 year old cousin,who has really been like a big sister,second Mum to me for 75 years now and lives a hundred miles away from me has had it really rough. She has Rheumatoid arthritis and a dodgy heart and though still fiercly independent has only left her house to go to the Doctors in the last year! I speak to her on the phone nearly every day and at times she has been in despair that she would ever see me again! In normal times I travel to see her three or four times a year so it has been hard for us like so many families. At last I feel with her second jab she has turned a corner mentally and sounds happier than she has for months thank goodness. So there is hope for us all now. Stay safe everyone.

Although your Aunt is of a much greater age than myself ( I am 66 years old) I do understand .I have only been for my flu jab and 2 vaccines.

We have a son who lives abroad and who we have not seen for 19 months now.

I feel a great need to see him.

Time is most important as we get older especially when ill health comes along.

Although our numbers are down they are very high where he is with low vaccination progress, although from what he says the vaccination programme is set to get a real boost over the coming weeks.

As you can tell from my post, receiving the second vaccine has had a very positive impact on my mental health as I understand it will have on your Aunts.

I am sure we will not have much longer to wait till we can all be with our families once again, and you with your Aunt who is so precious to you, and you to her.

Take care and let me know when you are are to be with her again.

Thanks for those so kind words, she will be my first trip as soon as able, will keep you all updated. Stay safe and none of us must let our guards down just yet, we have come so far and must not fail at the last.

Great news! We have had our second jabs too. Paul (CLL) had a hot spell at night, with a headache( nothing after the first jab) and I had the hot, red, sore arm. A small price to pay 😉. We won’t be rushing anywhere just yet.Stay safe,

Fran 🙂

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Fran57

We will not be rushing out either !!My husband is not due for his 2nd till the 6th May.

We will then be watching what is happening with the numbers in our area, currently we have spme of the highest numbers in the country and in the latest week there was a rise.

I think everyone should still be very cautious

Not everyone shares that thought though.

Best wishes to the both of you.x

Thank you... we feel just like you!Let’s hope things continue to improve and people don’t go mad and ruin all the hard work.

Stay safe,

Fran 😉

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Fran57

Now I have had my two vaccines the hospital are already chasing me to have blood tests and a CT scan.

I must say having only been for my flu vaccine and covid vaccines that I am exeptionally nervous.

I also have to have an echocardiogram that is long overdue owing to being cancelled mainly by myself many times.

My first appointment has been made for Thursday morning at my GP s for blood tests.

I know it is very important to have these tests but it still unerves me.

Shielding for a year has taken much of my confidence.

Speaking of people going mad we have seen a neighbour have 4 different vehicles arrive at seperate intervals today and some of those visitors went into the house not the garden.

THAT is how covid spreads.

It makes me furious that these things are going on. It is not just the younger people who spoil things for others.

It’s annoying, isn’t it? We can at least say we’ve done our bit, to stop the spread.It is difficult, but you really should go to your appointments. People are very understanding with medical appointments,when I remind them that my husband is extremely vulnerable.

Try not to worry.

Take care,

Fran 🙂

I've had my 1st on Good Friday, headache like getting hung over, achy & itching plus left eye swelled up a but if it's a way out then yahoo here to the 2nd. Just want servi es to reopen & like many see my wonderful family and friends. I feel for those who aren't able to tolerate the vaccine do hope these great scientists find one all can & soon.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday.