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Newly diagnosed

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Hi ,about a month ago I had a dexa scan because I had a bad fall and broke both bones in my wrist .I was offered surgery which I rejected as I was off to Lapland the following Friday.Bit silly you might say but the guy who put my cast on reckoned that a lot of surgery is unnecessary.Well I went off in a cast up to my armpit and although in pain had a fantastic time .Did every trip and every adventure I’d booked.

I healed well and the cast was off within 6 weeks and I’m nearly back to full mobility.Anyway I was waiting for the results of my scan and was phoned on Wednesday afternoon by what I thought was a doctor who casually informed me that I’d lost bone density ( didn’t give me a result) and suggested that I started on AA .Id not heard of it and said ok ,even though after he’d described the carry on for taking it a bit of a faff ,

Then I googled it ! Well I’m so glad that I did ! I phoned the surgery back and asked which doctor had called me and they informed me that it wasn’t doctor it was George the Pharmacist!

Well George you’ve just prescribed AA to a 60 year old woman with periodontal disease you idiot .The receptionist casually told me that it said that I was to be told to visit my dentist before starting the meds but I wasn’t .I can’t believe that I was given my diagnosis and offered this poison from a pharmacist.

I don’t even know my score yet and have made an appointment to see a doctor next a Tuesday .I must say that I’m in a bit of a state about it as I’m a fit healthy person ,walk several miles a day and have only had one broken bone ( well two ) ever .

I’ve stated taking care of my diet and taking vitamin C and D supliments.I don’t want to take The alendronic acid .Im hoping there’s a safer alternative.Thanks for listening and after listening to your advice I will be more careful about things in the future.

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Keep in touch, let us know your t-score when you find out. And I hate to tell you this but from all the reading I've done and all the sharing of experiences on this forum, it looks like AA is one of the "safer" of the OP meds - doesn't give one a lot of confidence does it? But many of us are not taking any drugs and somehow we aren't falling apart yet! There's a lot we can do for ourselves.

One thing is to find out if there is any cause for your apparent bone thinning, other than normal aging. Some people, for example, have found an issue with their parathyroid glands led to bone thinning and once that was addressed the osteoporosis began to reverse. If one does have an extra issue like this no medication or lifestyle modification is going to help.

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Thanks I will ask for more tests if I can get them .I really don’t fancy any of the treatments to be honest.I’ll know more when o get my score.

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Have a read of my account. If you are feeling anything like I did when I got a diagnosis of osteoporosis this may help cheer you up:

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New-Osti in reply to HeronNS

Many thanks ,that’s given me lots of ideas and positive things to explore .😊

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What is AA?

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It’s alendronic acid ,used to treat and prevent osteoporosis.Some people get side effects from it and some don’t .

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Thank you. Interesting

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Just an update,pretty horrible results of my dexa scan I’m afraid.AP Spine (L1 -L4 ) -4 .1

Femoral neck -2.9

Total hip -2.8

As you can imagine I’m pretty upset but still haven’t started on any meds .I still need to get dental work done which involves extractions ,two at least .The thing is I feel fine ,I can touch my toes ,walk miles with my dog and I was happy enough but feel my anxiety and depression coming beck with a vengeance.

I’ll keep up with supplements and good diet for the time being in the hope that it won’t get worse for a while ( can it get any worse ! ?)One thing is that I’ve lost no height ,so that’s good ?I have bloods due to be done on the 25 th of April.

Best not to be rushed into making a decision - helps to know full dexa results. It’s good your wrists have healed so well and you were able to enjoy your holiday. I got rushed into treatment and had a prolia injection! Had got a clearance from dentist despite him explaining the risks with teeth. As I’d had 2 teeth removed with periodontal disease still not confident so getting a second opinion from a periodontist! Meanwhile as only just in osteoporotic range I’ve made decision to increase my weight bearing exercise and supplements for bones!

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Thanks Siamang ,I’m not going to rush into anything ,get my T scores and see how everything goes from there .Peridontal disease is a nightmare I know .Im sure like me you’ve always looked after your mouth and had regular checks .My sister hasn’t been to the dentist for years and has a mouthful of healthy teeth !Not fair is it :(.Hope all goes well for you .:)

GOOd for you for researching these awful meds...they should all be taken off the market...and for a pharmacist to advise you...well...that's just pathetic. I have osteoporosis and my doctor allows me to be on HRT...started it last year when I was 70. Anyway, don't let them talk you into any off these creepy meds....

Hello. I would very much second what HeronNS has said about having your parathyroid hormone level tested.

I was very shocked and upset to be told I have osteoporosis after breaking a bone for the first time at 60. I lead a healthy lifestyle.

I did loads of research and will not take the alendronic acid I was told to take.

I asked about my hyperparathyroidism and found I had it. I had a small operation ( again, my first one ever) and have to wait another year or so to see if my bones have improved but the surgeon told me that the osteoporosis drugs would have made no difference at all, all the time I had the (benign) tumour on my parathyroid gland. (Nothing to do with the thyroid).

I am so glad I have done the research, but everyone is different of course, and not everyone has hyperparathyroidism .

Good luck.

Fran 😉

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Thanks Fran57 I’m not sure what they’re checking me for ( blood test) later this month but I must mention this to the doctor.I still need to get hold of my dentist because my appointment isn’t until June and I need to push things along .Strange thing is I feel so well and my spine is -4.1 .Its a worry .

Hope it goes well for you; please keep in touch.

My letter with results says t score -3.5 and total z score -2.1

That was Nov.2017 and i have just continued as normal, but added prunes ( yuck!) to my diet, along with chickpeas.

I suppose I will just have to see how the next DEXA scan looks, but I can't see me ever resorting to Alendronic Acid.

Fran 😉

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