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Coming off Alendronic tables after 5 months - what to expect and would it be safe?

I have been on Alendronic tables for five months and, having read about long term use, am very concerned. What effects can I expect should I come off the drug now?

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Labradog, stopping taking AA is OK, it is Prolia that one has to be ultra careful about because of rebound vertebral fractures if one does not immediately take something else. Have you particular reasons for coming off the AA? Side effects perhaps? You can always try another bisphosponate if AA does not agree with you. Prolia is a six monthly injection and AA is a weekly medication taken by mouth. Does that answer your question?


Did you have a DXA scan before starting the drug?


I was told it takes at least 6 months until AA really starts to work as it needs to build up in your body so I imagine it won't have a big impact by stopping it now but I don't know the scientific or medical answer.


Hi Labradog. Are you actually having problems from AA. If not, there’s no reason to stop taking it yet, as it probably is helping your bones. The problems you have read about like spontaneous fractures are uncommon and can occur when someone’s been on them a long time. A while ago they said you shouldn’t take them for more than 5 years, not sure whether this time frame has been reduced.

Jaw necrosis is very uncommon. Have you broken bones yet?

The problem we all have is deciding the likelihood of having a bad fracture, against the risk of medication side affects. Not an easy choice.

Best wishes


Posts like this make me feel worried. I will have been on AA for a year next month and I hate to take medication. I have a lower back condition which causes me a lot of pain but I try to just get on with the pain on the whole rather than take lots of painkillers. At the moment I have had a bad flare up and it must be bad as I am taking a lot of my painkillers.

What is the reason for wanting to stop taking AA? I have tried not to read too much on supposed side effects of taking AA as I know I would worry too much...but now I am worrying. Guess I should call and talk to one of the nurses here as my GP is not interested (no time I guess) in discussing the ins and outs of taking this drug other than "you need to take it").


I was on Aledronic acid for 5 years and am currently having a break from it. My last Dexa scan 18 months ago showed my hip score had gone from -2.8 to -2.6 and my spine from - 3.2 to - 2.8. So for me it was well worth taking.

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