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Using aid to help mobility

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Hi everyone was diagnosed with OP eighteen months ago after fracture in back as many of you know the pain can be unbearable. When I read some of the posts i see that a lot of you do walking which I know is good the problem I have is that I have only got to be on my feet for about five minutes before I get awful pain in my back . I have had physio and she gave me exercise s to do I have also had acupuncture (which I personally didn't find it done any good) when I go out I have to use a zimmer frame this eases the back pain was wondering if anyone else used a walking aid

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I don't use a zimmer frame, but do use a wheeled rollator to go outside. I can only take a couple of steps without it. I can fold it up so it fits in a car boot, and it has a seat for me to sit and have a rest.

I find hydrotherapy exercise helps enormously. I proved it works as when I lived in London I could access NHS hydro every week - it cost between £3 - £20 when I had had the initial 6 sessions, which I thought very fair. Now I have moved to Oxford where there is an acknowledged Post Code lottery, and I only had 9 sessions last year. I've got my fighting boots on, and if anyone lives in Thames Valley and wants to help demand proper hydrotherapy in the area, please contact me on But do try for it in your area - it's fun even if it won't help you!

Hello Mollyemma,

I use Crutches or walking stick and wheelie; the use of the wheelie meant I could go further for the same level of pain! I don’t live in an area with NHS hydrotherapy, but can access a warm pool and practice walking (water supporting me) getting in and out with help of the host to build up strength. I do daily physio exercises on good days all of them! I wear a body wrap of Neoprene during the day. I am being referred to Orthotics to have a soft body brace to replace the body band. I’m not sure if it’s going to help but I’m being referred to a pain management clinic.

I’ve got great relief and greater mobility with regular visit to a McTimoney Chiropractor - in lay terms muscles not bones are treated. I’m treated ‘around the other effected areas’ especially helpful with the hips, shoulders, neck and headaches because of the poor way I hold myself.

Good luck hope you are able to find something that helps, does get you down the constant pain.

Thank you all for your advice it really helps to know what others have found helpful

I had 6 vertebral fractures. Found a fantastic physio that did aqua therapy. Ask your doctor or hospital. Even going in a pool preferably heated helps. Hopefully you have somewhere adapted for rehab or disabled people nearby.

I have 3 fractures and walking makes my back ache so badly, I'm going on a nordic pole walking course for 6 weeks, NHS, they teach you to use the poels correctly, after which I can join a group. Apparently using poles uses much more muscles than normal walking and as I'm told my pain comes from weakened muscles so I'm hoping this will help. I'm also thinking about Tia chi!!

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