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Just an update

Just an update

Hi All,I hope your all doing as well as can be.

This is a post really to all the people who answered my last post.

I had the start of my next 5yr Prolia. I'm just hoping this will be the right decision as I know this gives me no side effects.

I've also put my scan results up,I don't know if you can see them,but I would appreciate anyone who knows anything about scans,to give me an opinion. I had them done last January,but a lots happened since then. Thank you to anyone who can read them.🙏🏼

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Hi Gemini, pleased to see that you now have a copy of your DEXA scan. Strange how different people's reports are set out in different ways. I am not really able to give an opinion but a nurse at the NOS helpline would be able to I am sure should you ask. Take care :)

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