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Dexa results

Hi just got my dexa results in writing this morning T scores and Z score's thought I would shaped them with you had to Google to see what it all means for my spine I scored BMD 0.819 T SF-3.200 Zscore -2.300 defo Osteoporosis and for my hips BMD 0.779 T Score -1.700 Z score -0.800 Osteoarthritis still have unhealed ribsx4 and smashed vertebrae I'm a 50 year old who was always active walking every where or cycling now I can hardly get myself dressed this happened to me at work 20 months ago and was hoping anybody advise me if I should apply for PIP xx

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Hi Angie,

It may be a good idea to give the helpline a call and chat to a nurse about your DEXA scores, unhealed ribs and smashed vertebrae after your fall and see what their advice is all round. Also if you qualify for PIP or at least point you in the right direction? Would CAB be able to help you with your PIP question too perhaps.?

Gentle hugs over to you. :)

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Thanks for replying and I will do that hope you are well xx

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Apply, there is no rule to say you cant. Have you got a CAB near you that can help you fill in the forms?

Good luck


Sorry took so long to reply but great news been awarded pip enhanced rate for both for 5 years thank you xx


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