Hi I'm a 50 year old female I banged my back 16 months ago on a Handrail in work to which I Fractured my 6/7/8/9 Rib I have been in constant pain so severe I can't walk I've recently had another scan and found out that I have a Smashed vertebrae fracture Ribs still havnt healed over this time the pain is in my hands hips I think I have Fractured my arm now can hardly lift a cup I have to go for a bone density scan does anyone have any advice for me

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  • What a mess for you - I hope the the bone density scan clarifies matters and leads to a clear plan of action for you. When you have the results of the scan it will probably be worth your while to phone the helpline of NOS (details on the home page of this forum) - and they'd probably talk to you before your scan and be able to answer some of your questions.

    There's a discussion in the comments of this post about general diet and supplements that members find to be helpful:

    Are you receiving any treatment for the vertebrae and other fractures?

    Good luck with the scan and for relief from your current fractures and bone-related problems.

  • No just more painkillers can't go on like this for much longer just want to get diagnosed 16 months in pain and the thing is I have been saying for long enough maybe I have osteoporosis nobody was listening to me Thanks for your response to me xx

  • Unfortunately, it seems to be not that unusual that it takes a while for people to be able to argue for imaging because they're in pain - and even when they are shown to have fractures it seems to take a surprising amount of time before they're assessed for osteoporosis.

    I hope you find something helpful in the various posts and comments here.

  • My goodness poor you, in addition to the bone density scan I think you should be referred to a specialist, rheumatology or other, also I would ask you doctor to do a full blood count to include vitamin D to be sure you do not have deficiencies, if you do you need to correct the deficiency imbalance, a specialist would be your best option for expert advice.

    Do hope you get a diagnosis for treatment options and dietary advice soon.

    Best wishes Bkin

  • Thanks very much for your response I am having blood tests this week I'll let you know how I get on Its horrible being like this I am normally a very active person and then the next thing I am like a hermit the pain gets so bad I shut myself away x

  • If you haven't got one Angiemacm maybe invest in a heat pad if you think the pain is relieved some with heat. If the pain isn't relieved with heat, maybe try some ice packs on it occasionally, I have found depending on the pain one or the other can help.

    If the pain gives off heat an ice pack may help applied now and then (I have used a cooler bag block wrapped in a flannel) .

    When the pain responds to heat the heat pad is very comforting. The dreamland intelliheat is good, it has several heat setting and switches itself off after 15 mins in case you fall asleep.


  • Thank you for your suggestion but tried them all x

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