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Fractures, daily painkillers continuous

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For those that have had fractures in the spine, and are now on daily painkillers or daily medication, what do you take and who do you do on it? I started fracturing 6 years ago and think i have just fractured again (x ray just taken), in agony with what I assume is muscle spasms getting in and out of bed, I have just been given diazepan (for a week) and tramadol (which didnt work at all for the pain). I am taking my own combination of painkillers every 5 hours which is just taking the edge off the pain. I know certain people are on a muscle relaxant permanently, which one please?


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Hi. I fractured 2 lower vertebrae, allegedly with Osteoporosis but first told it was cancer. Still don't know for sure which. Am in agony every day but I do get relief from Matrifen....Fentanyl patches, 12mcg. I find that 25mcg makes me so tired I didn't want to get up ! If I forget to change them , the pain is worse. I am also on 10 mg liquid Oramorph which also helps but I don't take more than 10 mg a day. However, when I had Endometriosis etc. a few moon's ago, I was given an Opioid painkiller called, at that time , Diconal, now called Dipipanone and Cyclizine which is also anti sickness. 3 of them a day. The medic's now want to wean me off the last lot because they are so expensive and they have been banned in some countries because of misuse! America has banned them! I would think about the Fentanyl patches which you change every 72 hour's. If you decide to try them then I would say to write down when you put it on or you will be a bit twitchy if you leave it too long to change it and the pain gets worse quite quickly. The reason I'm on the other pain stuff is because I have multiple painful problems thanks to our hospital but having another fracture is awful and I really feel for you. I think I have also had another one and had my husband feel my spine and he could feel another, smaller lump. Do you have a Pain Clinic and are they any good? Is your Dr. approachable and sympathetic? I hope that you can get some relief soon because I know the agony that you are in. Please let us know how you get on.

All the best,

Danni x

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Hi Danni thankyou for your reply and the private message I have replied on PM

Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your fractures and pain. I fractured 6 vertebrae nearly two years ago and, to answer your question, have been given the muscle relaxant Baclofen which helps with muscle spasms. I have also been taking Nortriptyline for nerve pain but have been able to cut down to a very low dose recently. Both of them together made me very drowsy. I do hope you find some relief soon. Ann x

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Hi eannj, do you find the Baclofen stops the muscle spasms mostly. Does the Nortriptyline help

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eannj in reply to cmoc

Yes and yes!

I take Boron and Strontium as recommended by the surgeon at the local orthopaedic hospital.

Hi Roje, have you had fractures? Are you on the Strontium Ranelate or the over the counter strontium? What strength and does it help?

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