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Osteoporosis, Scoliosis and Twisting Bones

Dear All, I have just found out I have a rather curved spine and I wondered if osteoporosis can cause this? The other part to my question is linked to the ease with which my pelvis twists. It only used to happen rarely with impact (eg fall) but now it just happens of it's own accord. My vertebra twist out of place too. I wondered again if it is linked to osteoporosis?

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Hi Houseelf

I am sorry I cannot help you really. I have had scoliosis for years and it has got worse since being dx with OP but that is me. Perhaps you should ask your doctor as we are not medically trained. You could call the NOS helpline and speak with a nurse tomorrow if you wish.

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It could well be connected but I dont have the medical expertise to say one way or the other. Definitely the Scoliosis would worsen the pain but its best to seek advise and information from your gp or Rheumatologist


Unless your doctor says no, and I can't imagine why s/he would, a physiotherapist should be able to help you. Unlike chiropractors who might inadvertently cause damage, and tend not to give you home exercises, a physiotherapist will teach you ways to look after your spine and even techniques which can help alleviate and lessen the scoliosis.

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Thank you everyone! I was just curious as to whether low bone density could mean bones are susceptible to moving on their own accord whereas they would not if of a higher density. As though they become more supple...make sense?! The physio is a good tip, thank you. I discovered the scoliosis at Christmas due to being in pain that was simply unbearable - I could not lie down, bend forwards even slightly, pick things up...this is when my GP thought compression fracture but it turned out to be some twisted locked vertebra that was squashing all the tissue inbetween and a twisted pelvis. At the same time I found out about the scoliosis. I have been seeing a chiroprator who has slowly and gently been helping untwist the twists!


I personally wouldn't have thought so. Possibly the other way round. Possibly your hip is going out of alignment because your spine is.

I would ask for a referral to a specialist or physio at the least to see if there are any exercises you can do to help keep things more in alignment, and strengthen the supporting muscles.

NHS Choices on Scoliosis Treatment in Adults: nhs.uk/Conditions/Scoliosis...

Maybe contact the NOS helpline by phone or email to see what their views are on this. nos.org.uk/contact/ scroll down a bit for the helpline email


Poor you!! Not sure what you mean by 'twisting bones'. Or bones 'moving of their own accord'. Or twisted locked vertebrae. I second the suggestion of speaking to the NOS nurses who may be able to point you in the right direction. Meaning toward someone who may be able to help you.

Re your curved spine - that could definitely be due to osteoporosis as some vertebrae may be compressed.

Let us know how you get on.


Thank you everyone! By twisted I mean the vertebrae - so each vertebrae rotates from side to side so we can twist. Some of mine were locked in a twisted position thereby squashing the tissue in between each. It was incredibly painful and swelled up. I have been seeing a chiropractor for the past few weeks but not for the last two. Last week I went to a physio who gave me an amazing massage and got rid of all the knots in my back. It made a world of difference so the two together I think have helped the issue. However when I get the chance I will ring the NOS nurses as I would like to know if the curve and tendency for hip to twist easily are related to osteoporosis.


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