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When to take Aiendronic Acid

Picking up script today looked on nhs website advice on taking ,

Large glass of water, sit or stand for 30minutes,no other food or drink for between 30minutes / 4hours after taking .So to me taking it 1hour before bed just need to talk to pharmacist about my statin are they OK to take together or to one night a week miss statin .Anyone have any advice

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My husband takes his on a Wed afternoon. No other tablets at this time.


I didn't know you could take AA 30 minutes before bedtime. I thought it had to be in the morning. That's the only time I can guarantee an empty stomach.


Having to sort out best time because I take thyroxin ,no caffeine for 1hour after taking so take in bed about 5am,prednesalone taken with breakfast, calcium at 11am ,statin at 11pm, the pharmacist I trust was out of shop today going to see him at 3pm tomorrow find they are the best people to sort out drugs.


I was told to always take Alendronic acid with a half pint of water first thing in the morning before I had even had a cup of tea to comply with the no other food or drink rule, then to leave at least 30 mins before I had anything else. This works well for me


Definitely first thing in the morning one hour before breakfast. It's very important that you do not lie down for as long as possible afterwards and you must not lie down until you have eaten. Hope that helps.

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I take mine on a Sunday morning with a large glass of water and sit and read for half an hour, before making my breakfast. I also take calcium and vitamin D, which I didn't realise until about a month after starting alendronic acid, that I need to leave three hours between taking them both.

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Think got this drug shorted with help from pharmacist. Thank heaven it's only one day a week and other 6 days thyroxin at normal time

Aiendronic acid at 7am with large glass water

Thyroxin. at 7-30am again with large glass water

Pred. at 8-30am with Breakfast

Calcium at 11am

Just hope don't get anything else that has to be taken on empty stomach or no caffeine drink for set time


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