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Waiting for scan

Thought I would join this site as I am waiting for scan I have body /bone pain I have already been diagnosed with osteopenia four years ago I was only just off the mark of haveing osteoporosis then !!! so I am not anticipating good news really . My bones actually hurt !!! shin bone wrist bone elbow Lower spine and my left leg is numb on outside from hip to knee would love to chat to anyone who would like to talk to me about moving forward or preparing myself for my diagnosis ..

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Welcome Nannyfran,

Sorry that you need to be here though. I was diagnosed as osteopenic in 2013, but have full blown osteoporosis now, with 3 compression fractures. Morphine is controlling the pain now, but I have sciatica all down my right leg! That hurts a lot. :-(


Hi poems galore

Thank you so much for your reply I am sorry you have been so unwell ... I didn't do anything after my diagnosis of osteopenia I didn't even think about it much I walk every day with my dog and regard myself has very healthy but I have been getting some breathing difficulties of late and as I say bone pain and so I thought it best to go to the GP I have got a full blood test arranged for this Wednesday I just feel in myself that their is something not quite right I don't want to scare my family so I am very pleased you have replied to me I would love to chat through this difficult time would you mind telling me Moore about your fractures and what that is ? I feel that their is something wrong with my back as my leg as gone numb and I have electric shock type pain in my leg !! Look forward to hearing from you I am still getting used to using the site X


Walking is really good for making your bones more dense, so keep that up as long as you can.

First of all, Osteoporosis doesn't hurt in itself, only when you get a fracture. Some people with spine fractures don't always get any pain. My pain with my fractures was horrendous, I couldn't stand, let alone walk. Although I now have sciatica which hurts like hell too, it's not nearly as bad as the pain in my spine was. To get more information about Osteoporosis is to visit the National Osteoporosis Society's website:

There are loads of booklets and leaflets to download in PDF format, or send off for.

it's good that you are getting medical advice, especially with blood tests. I hope you find out exactly what your pain is, and treatment for it. I don't know if you were given any treatment for Osteopenia, I was put on Adcal D3 which I take twice a day. I now have Alendronic Acid too. My risk factors were:

1 mum and gran both had OS,

2 I have Rheumatoid Arthritis

3 I had breast cancer and have to take a tablet every day, which depletes your body of Oestrogen and can cause OS

4 I have Vasculitis for which the treatment is high dose, long term steroids which can also cause OS.

So I had no chance really. :-(

Hope this helps, but it you want to ask me more, please do. Good luck with your tests.

poemsgalore xx


Hi again 😀 It sounds like you have had a real battle on your hands would you mind very much if I ask your age ? I am sixty I had a histerectomy when I was 38 and I am sure it robed me of things my body and bones needed I didn't take anything for the osteopenia I just got on with life and thought oh well but it's this pain in my body that is bothering me it just feels like I have no strength at all !! I will wait until bloods are back and scan is done before I worry to much .. Looking forward to chatting again 😀


I'm 65, today Yes, your hysterectomy would have stopped Oestrogen production, and Oestrogen protects your bones. I should ask your GP about prescribing you Adcal D3 or something similar. I think everyone who is osteopenic should automatically given it. Also, look at your diet. Oily fish, low fat dairy food, leafy vegetables and good quality offal, beef and eggs. Heron has some good dietary information that you might want to check up on.


Aaah happy birthday have a good one .. You are very young to have gone through all that you have ... I know many people do .. Bloods tomorrow so that will be that out of the way herons post was very informative indeed... I have no idea why I was not put on meds when I was diagnosed with osteopenia I probably said I would try natural for a year or so as I say I just thought it would all be ok .. And I do eat very healthy anyway .. I am over weight now thou so maybe that is why I am feeling it Moore ? I am on a healthy eating plan now so maybe I can loose a few lbs ? Have a very good day .. Do you live in England ? If so its still your birthday enjoy the rest of your evening X take care 😀


Yes, I live in England. Thank you for your birthday wishes. Fingers crossed that your blood tests will provide answers.


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