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Osteoporosis and kidney function

I have recently been diagnosed as having osteoporosis in the spine. Also, after a blood test, I have been told I have low kidney function. What is low kidney function? Is it linked to osteoporosis? My dr doesn't seem to want to see me again.

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I can only suggest you visit the National Osteoporosis Society's website.

There is a free helpline: 0808 800 0035 where you can chat to an Osteoporosis nurse and ask any question you need.

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Low kidney function is something to be aware of. My stepmother, aged about 91, had a heart procedure that was supposed to give her a new lease on life. That procedure was successful, BUT she went into kidney failure and spent the rest of her life, close to a year, having to get dialysis three times a week. Apparently she had "low kidney function" which no one flagged, and the dye used in the heart procedure was enough to poison her kidneys enough that they could no longer function at all. The moral of this tale I guess is that you know this is the case with you so if you need future medical procedures your doctors need to be told so that they avoid anything (like that dye) which could compromise you further. I suppose there are things you might want to check about your diet and so forth so that you are not stressing the kidneys inadvertently, but I don't know anything about that. Just a suggestion for further research. I'm appalled that your doctor did not give you more information. What they don't understand is that a patient often needs time to process new information (I know I did when I got both my pmr diagnosis and later the osteo one) and a follow up appointment can be really helpful if only to alleviate anxiety. Anxiety can really affect your wellbeing, so I hope you get the care you need.


It was the Dr's receptonist who gave me the results over the phone when I rang for the results.


I know that wouldn't be allowed here. In fact we are told that if we want test results we must make an appointment to see one's doctor. In fact it is almost too difficult to get one's results sometimes!


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