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If you’ve just arrived as a Pioneer member this is where it all begins. HealthUnlocked is a social network for health advocates like yourself to start an online movement. It’s about reaching other people and pooling together a mixture of information, support and experience to empower and change the lives of others. Most people with similar health interests also have something unique in their own experience that can help others. Everything here is designed to help you unlock the power of the crowd.

Back in 2007 I was a resident surgeon in a leading UK hospital. Our government was launching a series of changes to the way specialist doctors like myself were being accredited, and 99% of us felt it was a damaging step for the nation’s health, harmful both to us and future generations of patients we’d be treating. Big health institutions weren’t interested, so myself and a handful of doctors got together online. We started bringing more and more doctors into the group through the web. At first many thought we were crazy but quickly we became grassroots advocates for a generation of UK doctors, and in a couple of months we had a movement of 15,000 that provided support, inspiration and information to each other. We organized the biggest medical rally in UK history, an ongoing media campaign and, eventually, a high profile legal action. We got the health reforms radically changed for the better. See the article: bit.ly/R3tCM4

I learnt a lot about the immense power of togetherness, so when I joined forces with Jorge (our CEO) to dream up HealthUnlocked one of the main goals we shared was to make creating an online movement easier for inspired health advocates like you. From my own experience the importance of the group pioneers is the key.

That’s why you being here and reading this today is an important moment. In my experience if you can summon up the persistence to connect with other pioneers, create some activity, and trigger the spirit of a community, there’s no end to what you will go on to achieve together.

This 3 minute TED lecture speaks volumes about it


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It's a fantastic resource matt. I belong to five communities, all really supportive and helpful.

I am 68 yr old with osteoporosis and would like to find out more about this condition and treatment. Many thanks Rose

Thank you so much Matt. I joined up to Health Unlocked a few months ago after my husband had a very mild heart attack and find the support really useful. My husband had a 1mm stent put in. His blood pressure, cholesterol etc at the time was perfect and after an angioplasty was told that otherwise his heart is in "pristine" condition. It's a family problem. After adverse reactions to statins and increasingly reading so much bad press publicity about them plus gut reaction he is for now pretending to take them! We imagine the consultant, when he next reviews him won't be impressed! Likewise I refused chemical treatments for osteoporosis 8 years ago. We both exercise daily and eat a good diet and are in good health. Just after signing up to osteoporosis blog. After years of no defined, progressive exercises programmes for building bone density there are now scientific backed suggested programmes online. I hope to bring the info to a trusted personal trainer and get started. Way to go!! Thanks so much again.

I was diagnosed after a Daxa scan 8 years ago then the osteoporosis was in my spine had test three weeks ago and it is in to my hip and knee .Down my leg pain is so terrible pain I would like some information what treatment I am likely to get .prior to this last scan I was on calcium and Androlic Acid this tablet was taking weekly and had to sit up for period time after taking I would like to hear from someone that may have some information on what my treatment will be now . Thank,s Margaret

Delighted to find this site - I am a regular reader of the 'eye' community, so I know I will find everything I need about bones and joints here. From Annie69

Hi I'm a member of the COPD , polymyalgia rematica , lupus, and now the osteoporosis communities , don't post a lot but like to read the advise of others to try and help me understand why this happened to me , thank you .

Having spent three months last year flat on my back due to 7 fractures from osteoporosis, am keen to take steps to stop this happening again. The survey into potential re Bone Marrow sounds interesting, but how does one log into this without getting an error message?

Thank you Matt! I am really grateful you & Jorge created Health Unlocked. I am a member of several communities, and my health is better for it! ~kim

We owe you much thanks, Matt. It's a great help for many of the us. For me, it's meant I am a little less lonely and a whole lot more to informed.

I'm finding Health Unlocked very helpful. What I don't understand is how to answer the question "how did this post make you feel?" On the one hand, I applaud the bravery and openness of people who share their stories, but sometimes the posts make me feel terrible because in many cases I know how bad they are hurting and in my own case I feel terrible because the people who post are having the same unhappy experiences that I have had. I can hardly say I feel like :-) to read about someone's misery, but I am appreciative that they have shared this because I don't feel so alone with my own issues.

Could you explain what you are looking for with that question?

Kaarina in reply to Viazoy

Hi Viazoy, this is something that HealthUnlocked have added fairly recently which appears under every posting anyone makes in whichever community they may have joined. I do not think that HealthUnlocked should have added this and I totally ignore it as I have a feeling many others do too.

Viazoy in reply to Kaarina

Mystery solved! Thank you!

Very nice resource! Thank you so much!

Thankyou so much Matt. I am new & grateful for this site for the knowledge & information it provides to people like me.

I am sure it provides you & other doctors much needed information as well. You sound like a very caring surgeon.

I am a 63 year old woman that was very active despite having osteoporosis. I have experienced the nasty side effect of Prolia resulting in having an atypical femur fracture & had surgery where they did the Intramedullary rod from hip to knee. I just feel like my world has been turned upside down & I feel like a China doll ready to break for fear of the rebound fractures that Prolia is known for.

Well done! So wonderful to see integrity in action. Thank you Matt. I do hope that you and Co are monitoring this board and are noticing the sad prevalence of harm from these osteoporosis drugs. The history of even how osteoporosis has become this ‘epidemic ‘ requiring drug treatment is worth looking into. Medical school has become the creature of the pharmaceutical companies. It’s something to stand up to.

Matt, are there several venues addressing bone health and/or osteoporosis in the UK? There is a venue in the US titled American Bone Health. Are they overlapping? I am a member in both, but usually can tell which one I am on due to the replys and attitudes toward certain osteoporosis mediscations and the medical expense/coverage.

On this UK venue a new member is currently searching for legal info regarding suing the makers of Prolia, and is being encouraged by several other members, including checking the US (American Bone Health)

Everyone in the thread who had Prolia are blaming it for their bone problems.

Is it time for you to perhaps put into perspective that Prolia is responsible for any and all bone and dental problems?

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