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Earn $$$: Opportunities for HCC patients and caregivers

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We have many opportunities right now for HCC patients and caregivers. You will be paid for your time and effort.

+Helio Health wants people who have been diagnosed with cirrhosis.

+Forefront Collaborative needs three HCC patients or caregivers before September 20.

+Humanise Health desires 10 HCC patients or caregivers--any stage of disease--living in the US, Japan, Korea, France, or Germany.

Learn more at bluefaery.org/opportunities

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Lots of amazing opportunities at this page, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, Andrea. 🙂 Dave has done many of the studies/surveys you've posted and I even got to do one with him - they are always interesting and the extra cash is certainly helpful!

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AndreaWilson_FounderAdministrator in reply to Curly_Girl

I'm so glad you and Dave have participated in these opportunities. You are helping future HCC patients and caregivers every time you use your voice and share your experience. Of the ones in my post, I think you would benefit the most from Forefront Collaborative (one-time interview for provider teaching workshop) and/or Humanise Health, a global long-term opportunity to serve on a Board.

Forefront: bit.ly/3tlKu4LHumanise Health: bit.ly/3n57bsN

I'm happy to answer any questions.



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We actually have a zoom call tomorrow night to find out more about it. ❤ So appreciate the opportunity to help and the extra money comes in very handy. Between Dr visits, procedures and just taking care of Jimmy makes it unrealistic to try to work full-time. We had a small business building custom furniture and restoring antiques and vintage furniture. We loved doing it but had to put it on hold. Jimmy's often not up to helping, there's things I can't do by myself and hard to commit to timeframe to have something completed. Right now most important thing in our life is fighting this cancer and liver disease, holding them off as long as we can. ❤

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