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Hi guys. Long post sorry!

Went to go 5 wks ago was found to have high BP. Was given Propranolol to help as thought it was anxiety. This was great had an immediate effect and has continued to keep my blood pressure at around 127/78 for the past 5 weeks.

Because of this I have had to monitor. And last week it started to shoot right up to 165/104........... I thought was maybe a one off but it Continued to go no lower than 150/99 for th next few days. Couldn’t understand it as for 5 wks it had been amazing

Anyway the next day at work I got tremendous head pain and went to a & e.

BP at this point 190/108. They did ECG (normal) bloods (normal) stroke tests (normal) head CT scan (normal) but they had to keep me in.

The next morning they put me on 2.5mg of ramipril and said I would be treferred to endocrinologist to find out the cause. They wouldn’t let me home until tablet bought it down to 150/90. Anyway eventually it went to 149/92 so they let me home. Since been on the 2.5mg my BP goes down on o about 137/90 but before taking is around 156/100.

Rang gp and she has told me to take one in morning and another one on the evening.

Back at docs next week. I’m just so worried. I’ve changed my lifestyle so I can do no more on that side of things.

Am I okay to exercise with a high BP?

Constantly scared of having a heart attack!

If anyone could tell me their story or just to assure me that would be great xx

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How are you now?

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