What's normal?

There so many different opinions as to what is an 'ideal' blood pressure I am confused.

My GP says I should have a reading of 120/80, but a surgeon in the hospital said that as long as I was under 150/90 he was happy to operate as I was fine and healthy. I try and try to relax but each time I go to the surgery either my pills are increased in strength or another one is added (with additional side effects). Its impossible for me to reach 120/80, but I can manage 150/90 - I am 77. Is there a range of acceptable numbers - and if so, what are they?

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  • At the last check mine read 141/82 was told it was alright. I am 57 if it's alright with them it's okay with me too.

  • Hi I think there is no "ideal" blood pressure as it depends so much on different factors including your age , general health etc. Lovely if we all had 120/80 readings, but my doctor is quite happy if am below 150/90 so my medication aims for readings below that. As we all know the readings vary day by day and hour by hour so it has never been an exact science. I wouldn't worry too much with your readings, especially if you are already on BP medication. I certainly wouldn't want to increase any of my tablets as they do have side effects ( in my case feeling cold all the time!). I would settle ( with some expert input aside from your GP) on what is right for you ( and I very much doubt it is 120/80) and only become concerned if you fall out side those measurements. Goo luck

  • The trouble with getting BP down as you get older is that you often find that your circulation is not so good and you feel lightheaded or faint...so I find 150/90 for someone over 70 is acceptable if you feel well.

  • interesting ...... sorry I am not sure there are so many different opinions ....which I knew .. good wishes

  • I am a 67 yr. old female..my only health problem is my BP..My Dr. wants my numbers at 140/80..however I am reading 150/90 is o.k. Has anyone heard 150/90 is o.k ?

  • As I said in my first post Maxyz - the surgeon who was carrying out my minor op said he was happy to operate with my 150/90 reading. I am 10 years older than you.

    It seems that we've been brainwashed into the 'one size fits all' state of mind, so I'm trying to relax and accept that my usual readings are somewhat raised from what is considered ideal for young fit athletic people. I'm not sure we aren't being frightened into a real state of stress that will eventually result in serious high BP problems.

  • Yes you are so right with the one size fits all and are being brainwashed by the medical profession saying we must be at certain numbers...trying to get to the RIGHT number is crazy especially when the numbers change through out the day..its like trying to stand in one spot all day...impossable! If i am not within 140/80 range at Dr. Apointment and with white coat syndrome and hating the meds my Dr.says he is increasing my dose..this gives me more anxiety and last visit i said No it is my right to stay at the dose i am at. He did not increase the dose. Next visit will be the same..then i will get a new Dr. One that understands white coat syndrome.

  • our blood pressure changes so much throughout the day, depends on what we are doing and how we are feeling. I have been told that very high numbers that stay high for a period of time is the ones to worry about. my bp was low this morning and is high now, i spoke to my doc today and they seem ok with mine. Who really knows what normal blood pressure is, whats normal for one person is either too high or too low for another. It freaks me out

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