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Thanks for the welcome. Need help

I found this post and thought it would be good to be able to speak with others that have the same problem i do. Im 46 and overweight have problems losing weight i lose then gain it back my blood pressure also goes up and down all the time to the point that i get anxiety attacks worrying about my blood pressure and already had a stroke once.

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Oh my dear - I have no medical knowledge but do try what I did. Buy your own BP measuring machine (the wrist ones are very reasonable on Amazon) and take your own BP every day at the same time - but not straight after you've woken up as its often high then anyway. You can print off a chart (I'll look up the link for you later if you like) and write down your reading every day, you'll be surprised at how it lowers and stabilises after a few weeks.

I was getting readings in the doctor's surgery of 190/90 but in 6 months of taking own quietly at home it now reads less than 150/80 and I'm over the moon. I honestly believe we get so stressed out we get much higher readings than are true.

Are you on medication for it? What are you taking, and what are the side effects?

You've come to the right place for reassurance and understanding, everyone is really kind on here.

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hallo great to meet you ...........this is a good place to share experiances and find others in similar positions ....... I am 64 have recently come off propanoral went cold turkey via doc ......watching my BP and just had heart monitor waiting results .....good wishes


How are you getting on Nypro? We haven't seen you since you first posted 5 days ago - still alive I hope!


Hi Nypro, you have to manage your weight and not let your weight manage you. Your diet probably doesn't suit you and this is your bodies response to it. The good news is you can get rid of it completely.


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