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joint bone problem

for the past two months i am having severe pain in my left knee joint. i am not able to walk even 10 feet without pain. i have contacted ortho specialist. he said liquid is formed in the joint. he prescribed evion 400 and multivitamin tablet supradyn and and advised physio therapy exercises. no x-ray was taken. what i want to know is what is meant by liquid formation in the knee joint? can it be cured? which is better allopathy or ayurveda?

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I agree with ragivrao, 

An xray is called for  to see what the problem is before treatment.


I am no expert in this field but I have the same knee problem. I have found that Glucosamine+Chondroitin (sometimes come with MSN) fixes the problem. It works by lubricating the joints. When I run out of a bottle and procrastinate buying another one, my pain comes back straight away. I find the GC made by Schiff the best, there can be variations between manufacturers, keep trying until you find one that works for you. Sadly, you can also get joint pains from some medications. Have a look at what other things you are on and see if any of the side affects are joint problems.


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