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Are you affected by warm weather?

Hi everybody

I hope everyone is feeling well.

I think spring is finally here - blossom is on the trees and there are plenty of daffodils and other spring flowers about now.

So, with the news that the allergy season is set to be worse this year due to springs late arrival we are curious to know if people's breathing is affected by the warm weather as it is in the cold weather, in this country if we have a summer! it tends to be warm and humid. So we know that people can find it difficult to breathe in humid air - what do you think?



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Hi jo,

I completely agree.i find if its too cold I have bad trouble breathing,also if its too hot,or humid.

We are off on holiday to Devon in June,I'm just praying its not too hot,otherwise I'm not going to be able to do much.


Heat and humidity are a real pain to me. Temperatures above 23 c make breathing uncomfortable so I tend to avoid going out. Also being in the kitchen when the cookers running flat out is a no no for me as well.

yes I am the same if its to cold and to hot and humid I have trouble breathing can not win can we, x

My breathing is the same whatever the weather. Who's a lucky person then ? :)

The one who 'took your breath away' I would guess! lol


Very observant ! :)

A nice 18/23* does me fine, outside of that I'm just rubbish (guess that makes it most of the year then)!


The weather dosn't seem to affect me. It can be grey and overcast or sunny and warm. In fact I've noticed on several occassions when I've had a SOB day the weather is perfect for COPD, and when I've had really good days the weather is bad for COPD, strange how the weather seems to affect us all differently.

Lib x

I tend to get more chest infections in the summer, but since I have been having them all winter, whats new. Constant antibiotics and the promise of a CT scan.

Cold and damp always breathing a little more difficult.

Sunshine and warmth make me feel good.

Cold doesn't affect me but high humidity does and since I have been on oxygen I seem to perspire more in the heat, don't know if the two are linked. Sorry I meant glow, never forget an elderly lady telling me when I was a child and said I was sweating, 'Carole horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow.'

Keep smiling.

Carole x

I'm alright with the warm weather ,but not when it is damp

Pete gets really bad if the weather is hot and sunny in this country. Not so bad abroad but we don't go abroad now. We have to stay in if the temperature outside is too hot as he will get a chest infection and struggles to breathe. I am so sorry to say that I always hope our summer will not be too hot. xxxx

Hi Jo, The temp. here runs around 34 to 38 + C at this time of year. I breath OK but i do not know what i will breath like later this year when I get to UK for a couple of months. I am at stage IV.


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