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Down another step?

I've a funny few days. Managed to go out for a meal with friends on Saturday and did a bit of light gardening on Sunday. Obviously to much as on Monday struggled to get up and had a very bad day and don't feel that much better today but I'm up and dressed, which is important I think.

I'm fairly sure I don't have a chest infection, I've had enough of those to know when I need to up my antibiotics, I'm on a permanent does. So I think that maybe I have taken another step down the hill.

I've been told that I am in the latter stages of IMF and there is nothing more to be done but keep me comfortable but these steps down seem to come at such arbitrary times when I lest expect them.

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I know it's hard to do but try and enjoy whatever you can, however small.


I haven't IMF, Baldie, but you have done the right thing to come and tell us about how you are. Think you have a very positive attitude which is good and can help you cope with what happens. Lots of caring people around that will come and have a chat with you. All the best from Annie80X


Hi Baldie, it's your strength that impresses me and your determination to keep on keeping on is an inspiration, thank you.

Good wishes, Chris


Hi Baldie,pleased that you were able to enjoy a meal with friends,wonderful! Maybe you over did it with the gardening though.Probably tempting though,with the better weather,I believe you are having.I also love your positive attitude,which is the best present to yourself,to help with the hard days.Do keep in touch,with all of us,

Hugs Wendells xxx


So glad you had a good meal and enjoyed the gardening. Perhaps it will just take a little more time to recover a little more. Positive attitude wins all the prizes and I admire you for it.

Hugs from me as well xx


Hi Baldie, you managed to go out for a meal and you managed to do some light gardening. Well done you! So you payed for it for a few days. Don't start thinking you are another step down the hill. What do these doctors know anyway? Keep up the positive attitude and do what you can when you can. Kind Regards Mandy


Love your positive attitude. I'll have to take a leaf out of your book.


Thinking of you, and hoping you are feeling a little better. xx


Thats the attitude baldie doing what you can and enjoying it. I have a little plaque with "Its not how many breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away" makes me smile.


I wouldn't think of it as a step down, more a stubbed toe while you were gardening, keep up the positives & come to chat often,

please let us know when you,re feeling a little better,

take care xxx


Come on Baldie, you'll be back out in that garden tomorrow and this time don't push yourself quite so hard. Iv'e done a little too much myself today with Breathe Easy and Gardening so it'll be my turn to have a bad day tomorrow.

I have PF and have noticed those downward steps but like you we keep doing everything to slow the process.

Keeping active is the best thing for us so take a rest and carry on going out, gardening and training for the next olympics.

Good Luck Baldie



Keep smiling !



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