How do I attach my oxygen cylinder to a rollator?

At present my oxygen cylinder lives in my shopping trolley which I pull along behind me when I am out and about. However, if I go a fair distance then the next day I get pains in the right side of my neck and my head as I pull with my right hand. So I have been thinking about buying a rollator which you push with 2 hands. How would I attach my 400 cylinder to a rollator?



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  • I use a rollator to carry my oxygen, it's a three wheeled one without a seat, I changed the bag for a net one as the oxygen supplier told me not to cover the front of the Helios tank as this could make it ice up. I bought the bag from the local mobility shop. Occupational therapy have loaned me the rollator indefinitely, perhaps you could try them before buying one. Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • My physio department gave me a rollator and my home fill cylinder fits in the bag lovely!

  • Thanks for the answers. I will ask the physio I see at the Hospital if she could lend me a 3 wheel rollator. With the money I save I can buy more plants for my garden. Yipee!! Thanks again.

    Mandy x

  • I have a 4 wheeled rollator. This has a seat which you can raise and stand your O2 cylinder in the metal basket underneath (and still leave room for some shopping!). On hospital out-patient visits you can use it as a seat if you need a break on the long walk to the clinic. It also folds up nicely for my wife to put in that back of the car.

    Hope this helps...

  • Please tell me where you got your rollator from??? i would love one!

  • Hi pigsty213.

    I bought my rollator from a local disability shop. It cost just under £100 but I would not be without it.

    Peter x

  • What make is it, what shop? Ones I looked at are over £200!!!

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