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Been treated for chest inf these last 3wks,with antibiotics and steroids,went back again this week and got another 10day course of steroids doc says I may have picked up a viral thing too which a/bwont have touched it as well,my wheeze is a bit better but I think there's still some gunk down ther wat I can't bring up ,iv tried every thing,I feel so ab awfull and fed up

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Sorry you're feeling rough hun. What methods do you use to get the gunk up?

Hope the tabs do the trick and you feel better very soon.

Love cx

Iv been havin honey in my coffee and Covonia chesty ough bottle

If you still feel there is some gunk to shift and you don't have a flutter or acapella, you could try laying over a few pillows on your bed. Place your hips at the top of the pillows and head on the bed - it may help to drain. Maybe try laying on both sides. Worth a try.

Love cx

I feel so sorry for you! My husband is just the same. Just finished second course of an but little improvement! If you are still no better in two days go back to the doctor again. I am sure you will get better sometimes it takes a long time. Take good care of yourself use all your inhalers and neb if you use one. My husband is very fed up too - try to stay positive ! Easier said than done! Best wishes for speedy recovery. Tad x x x

I went to docs thurs gone,she's given me 10day course of steroids,she I may have picked a virus too,which won't help,it's been weeks since iv been anything but well,it's just 1thing after the other since jan,iv just started back on my echinacea,in the hope it will help me,I don't know wat else to do,

Getting rid of rubbish on chest! If this is a regular event you may want to suggest 'mucoodyne' to your GP.

(See question and answers of earlier today)

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