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Just how long does it take you ?

To actually get going of a morning.

It takes me about an hour to convince myself that I have to get up.

Its not that Im bedbound but I know that my body doesnt like the hassle.

I liken it to switching on a radiator in a cold house.

Nothing happens for ages and the house stays cold.

But as time goes by the radiator and the house begin to be warm.

So I sit on the couch, switch on the news then line all my pllls up in a line.

Sometimes I may even spoil myself and throw in a nebuliser.

Soon the mucus starts to leave my body and the rest of the meds kick in and Im ready for the day.

But all in all it takes a few hours before I can lead an active life of sorts.

Well is it just me or are we all monolithic monsters first thing of a morning ?


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Oh John, you could be describing my own morning 'routine' :) I'm positively catatonic for the first couple of hours after waking, but, like you, once the 'fug' has cleared and meds taken I can be assessed as being almost 'normal' hahahahahahaha


Need coffee or me not a very nice bunny,,in the morning,,, :)


It's the other way round with me, up 6-30 am we have a proper breakfast at the table sometimes by 8 am I've done exercises, by 9 am the ironing. After lunch things start to go downhill, by 7-30 pm and after a too large evening meal I'm ready for bed and getting up those stairs is a nightmare.

Lib x


In answer to your question it takes me two hours to get up and going, but I do like your poem and as you see you are not alone.


It's the same for me although I stay upstairs near the bathroom until I have completed my ablutions, taken my meds and they start to kick in before I even consider venturing downstairs which can be anything from miday to late afternoon leaving hubby to fend for himself depending on his shift. To be honest it is warmer upstairs with the water pipes under floor as well as the radiators and can save by just turning the heating off leaving just the water on in cold weather. I am like Libby something hits me about 8 to 8 30 after our evening meal and worsens the longer I am up making getting back upstairs absolute hell especially on bad days


My dad says that by the time he's taken all his medication it's bedtime again... :)

I don't do coffee apart from perhaps one cup a month, maybe less. I like my tea.

It's usually visit the loo, put the fire on, put the kettle on, let dog out, cuppa and a biccy, put computer on, sit near the fire and start to drink tea, let dog in, move to sit at computer a while to check email and important stuff, go make another cuppa 'cos first has gone cold, open curtains... After an hour or so I may see about getting dressed, depending on what I need to do that day.


At least two hours for me, whether i,m i,ll or not, I hate it when I have a daft o'clock apt & I need to move PDQ, it throws me for the rest of the day! I,m the opposite of Libby, up 8ish,but can,t go to bed before 11.45, I cant get to sleep & I hate just lying there tossing & turning, makes me a grumpy bat :)


I wake up. Straight t the kitchen to make a cuppa. Take all my pills in one gulp. I have them ready in a 7 day plastic container thing. Turn on my laptop and check my emails and take my inhalers. Ive no idea when the medicines kick in as I don't feel that much different throughout the day except my breathing is a little easier than when I wake up.


I keep my laptop upstairs and my desktop down...I rarely watch TV leaving that to my hubby and his sport (Especially cricket or golf ugh! like watching paint dry) If I can't sleep it's CD/DVD's iplayer or social networking, my e mails and family history and voluntary work stuff keeps me busy and my mind occupied during the day. I do worry about getting enough excersise, I do have portable oxygen but told to be very careful about venturing out walking in the cold or alone just yet as we also live on a very steep hill, surrounded by them it's a bit of a way down to a flat bit or a seat/bench in our town center and a major struggle back up


I'm like Libby. Up and alert in the morning and when I'm working I will be up, showered, dressed, fed and watered ready to go within an hour. On non working days I have a cup of tea in bed first whilst listening to the Today programme on Radio 4.

But in the evening, I am usually very tired by 9.30 and need my bed. Waking up at 5.45 am is probably a factor in that.

Lynne xx


Am I lucky or what? Wake up, brain in overdrive; creative, mentally active and raring to go. Drink (too much) coffee, fire up the PC ad start work (sitting down physically doing nothing!).

The hours tick by, occasionally, as I make yet another coffee, I glance at the stairs BUT, do you know how long they plan before climbing Everest? Eventually, around 4 pm the wife arrives home from work and gives me an ear-bashing because I still haven't showered or dressed!

So, in summary, wake around 5:00 am, work from around 6:00 am, shower around 5:00 pm get going around ... well, it's a bit late to get going today so I'll leave that till tomorrow!


Wake up, sit up and allow everything to settle before moving off the bed, then I normally have to make my way to the living room and sit with the lap top for a while. By then everything has stabilised and I can start the day.

I makes me feel better knowing that I am not alone with this problem, I began to think it was just me and I am sure the wife thinks I could get going quicker, but it's the old 'why risk it if you don't have to'


I am still working but i don't know how much longer that will go on.I have to get up at 6 for a job that starts at 9 !! So by 3 in the afternoon i am shattered and just want to get home to bed but i can't really do that because there is always something to do in the house it is frustrating but unfortunately we just have to adapt to it x


I usually wake about 6ish take one log of drugs, to sleep til 8ish, take the second lot, the try to get up at 9. It then takes me 2 hours to get myself ready to go down stairs, its a lot of sitting on the bed to get my breath back. My biggest problem is washing my hair, I get too breathless when I bend over the bath.


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