Ventolin inhaler use

I was officially diagnosed recently with COPD (I had been told in the past that I had 'mild emphysema'). GP had sent me to A&E due to SOB and low sats - I was prescribed a SPIRIVA inhaler by the hospital (but contra-indications mentioned kidney disease SO I spoke to my GP and said I was wary of taking something which would aggravate my kidney problem - I only have one and have CKD). She agreed that there was no NEED to take the SPIRIVA and arranged for a SPIROMETRY test. The Spirometry was carried out at the GP surgery by a nurse who after the test prescribed a VENTOLIN inhaler. That was a few weeks ago and I took the plunge and used the inhaler for the first time yesterday - I did feel some improvement in my breathing, but today I feel as if my chest is tighter, breathing slightly worse, head feels fuzzy and bad headache just getting better - mouth also feeling weird and 'furry' - sounds like a hangover, I know but had only one glass of wine so can't be that!

Does anyone know if the above could possibly be as a result of the Ventolin? If so, are there any alternatives I could try (i.e. alternative short-term inhalers that I could ask the GP to prescribe instead)?

Many thanks

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  • I recomend giving the blf helpline a ph,they are really the best people to ask......... :)

  • As they keep normal Mon-Fri working hours, and I work full-time it's not too easy, but will 'make' the time - thank you.

  • You could always send them email to and they will try and arrange a time to suit you, they operate 10am to 6pm.

    Mention your blog and username on here, that will give them some background to be able to give you answers :)

  • Thank you Gordon - great idea.

  • Don't know why didn't think of that myself Gordon - just sent e-mail - great - thanks again

  • The email address does not get mentioned as often as the phone number. It does work though, I've had answers that way.

    BLF may want you to speak to a nurse still, easier to be able to discuss exact symptoms and medication than going back and forth in email, but at least you've got a start there :)

  • Absolutely - will be a chance to ask other questions I have too!!

    Thanks again

  • Just want to say that emphysema and COPD are one and the same thing. COPD is the umbrella term for emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

  • Thank you Easybreather - I have since understood this - although four years ago I was first told by my lung consultant (after the removal of a lobe of the lung due to cancer) that I had 'slight emphysema' - COPD as such wasn't mentioned till recently when I was sent to A&E with SOB etc!! Go figure.................

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