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Bronchiectasis suffered and work in the childcare/education sector


I have Bronchiectasis and have to take the mini antibiotics 3 times per week to prevent chest infections. Before I had the scan and referred to my consultant I was constantly coughing up mucus/blood and had repeated infections. Since losing 4 stones in weight and being put on the correct medication I hardly suffer with the chronic cough. However, when I am poorly I struggle to breath and I am breathless quite a lot. It also goes to my Sinuses. I believe my lung problem is worse due to how I am breathing.

My question is: I have a degree in the Early Years and the majority of my work experience is with children in the childcare and education sector. I know from experience that I do pick up a lot of infections from the children. I have been for an interview to manage a nursery and if I am offered the job, do I take it? On one hand I need the job/money and on the other hand I don't want to make my lungs worse/have time off. I don't know about the outcome of the job yet but now I am doubting whether I should take this?

My problem is that I was never told I could possibly claim DLA or Employment Support Allowance. I'm currently on Jobseekers due to my son turning 5 this month - transferring from Income Support onto that benefit. I have booked an appointment with my consultant but the thing is the Jobcentre say I have to take any job and I can't due to health restrictions. If I declare my health problems will I still be offered the job?

Thanks for any replies. Much appreciated.


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Is Hard Everyone Is Finding Times Tough ..... Job Center Plus Don't Care Its Up To You To Tell Them About Your Health Issues ...

Sure They Will Try And Scare You But You Do Need To Get Sick Note From Your Doctor And Give It Them

As Far As Working With Kids Yes Little Germs .... And I Would Avoid Unless There Your Family .... In My Experience Is Bad Enough

All The Best Hope It Helps :)


Hi loubylou9,,,first of try not to let the job centre get you down,,,they tried the same with me,,,but after a bad spell my doc signed me of,,not only are my lungs knackered but have severe arthritus in both hands and feet,with a bit of osteo-arthritus in my spine for good measure,,i have just gone onto esa after a year,(its a long progress) but now the job centre say i need to go back to work,,so am appealing to go on the support group,,,yu sound quite young if you have a 5yr old,,so would suggest you talk to your doctor,,and if you have a pulmonary consultant try to get a letter from him to back up everything,,and then send a sick note,,i don,t think working with children is a good sneeze from them and then where will you cal always give the blf people a ring ,,,,its good to talk,,


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