Anyone else get hot sweats from over exerting themselves??

When I say overexerting, I mean simply showering a bit too vigorously ... this usually wears me out and I end up having a hot sweat lol Or vacuuming a bit to fast ... hot sweat. I've not been diagnosed with anything yet but am off for Spirometry test on Thursday so rule in or out COPD. Just wondered if sweats were a typical reaction to doing a lil bit too much hehe

I would like to be fully armed with lots of questions to ask the Doc when I get an appointment after the test, but cos I've got an underactive thyroid, am menopausal taking anti-depressants and have perennial rhinitis n IBS I sometimes wonder whether the symptoms I get are as a result of one or a combo of all these things.

Weirdly it was when I hit 45 that the IBS, menopause and depression all kicked in :s

They say life begins at 40, gedoff I'm waiting for mine to begin now lololol

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  • I am 66 and have hot sweats all the time, can't vac anymore but just putting my sweeper round causes one and especially loading the washing machine, making beds and ironing is a nightmare. We have fans in most of our rooms and just a couple of minutes in front of them helps get back to normal. (Whatever "normal" is) :-)

    polly xx

  • thanks Polly, ironing doesn't cause many just occasionally, just as well as that's what I do for a living, but making beds will do it but not all the time ... can't determine whether its the menopause causing them (I take HRT) or whether its the effort of trying to do something at my usual fast speed while my lungs aren't working right lolool, is there any such thing as 'normal'? lol :D

  • I was on HRT patches for about 15 years (no hot sweats) and 2 years ago the doc said I should come off them and the sweats came back but I dont think they are the same as the ones that come with being active, I believe it is the copd that cause them.

    I agree there is no "normal" :-)

    polly xx

  • Hot sweats are an issue with me. I'm a male end stage COPD and any exertion brings on a sweat - bad enough on its own, as it evaporates I get the cold shivers, everything tightens and SOB follows. I believe they are brought on by rapid heartbeat - usually 110-120+.

    I do sympathise ladies.


  • I'm afraid my hot sweats are nothing to do with my COPD! I have to come off HRT soon and I am dreading it.

    Lynne xx

  • thank you for your replies ladies and gent, this site is so informative and I don't feel half as nuts as I did before I dsicovered it and all you lovely people :D.

    I've only been on the HRT a couple of years so hopefully I've got a few more before I have to come off them :o

  • My Gp said my sweats were due to my anti depressants.He said it was very common

  • I sweat buckets and have done for years, had hysterectomy at 45, was on HRT for 5 years (50), off HRT for 6/7 years, on antidepressants for 16+ years, have moderate/severe COPD, just about quit smoking (2 slips). I asked this question some weeks ago, everyone seems to react differently so not sure what the answer is.

  • I am suffering badly with hot sweats (aswel as sweating during the night!) it never occured to me that it may be the copd i just assumed it was menopause.

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