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Sciatica anyone suffer from it

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I recently got sciatica, and I've got to say, the pain is absolutely horrendous, it goes from my bum all the way down to my right foot, sometimes it's intermittent, and sometimes their is no letup. I went to see an osteopath on Tuesday, who said it can normally last up to 6 weeks, but at £55 a week could prove expensive. I've had back pain in the past, but this is on another level, I've tried pain killers, ice pads but when it starts nothing touch's it, it's obviously worse at night and in the morning, trying to sleep is horrendous at times. If anyone here has had/got it, what do you do for relief. I've had post covid since October, it all just seems never ending now 😩😩😩

35 Replies
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Morning yes I do ... I'm a dog walker for a living and my sciatica has been with me for a few years on and off ...When I get any form of pain from it I do yoga..abductions swinging leg back and forth go on to you tube and see yoga for sciatic pain it really helps me and I use a voltarol rub at the point where I am most in pain...

Hope you feel better nothing worse than when it plays up but you need to keep moving it 🩵 it's worse than toothache at bad points

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TG58 in reply to Blackbird9

Thanks for the reply, yes I have found moving is better, yesterday was a decent day, until I woke up this morning at 4.30, it was terrible, obviously the sleeping part is difficult, I think I must of moved the wrong way in my sleep and it started it off again. Do you find voltarol is any good, I used an ibuprofen gel from boots, but it doesn't seem to touch it, I know voltarol is supposed to be strong though.

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Dottie11 in reply to TG58

I had this once and took several weeks to settle. Made a full recovery but took time . Gp prescribed pain relief. Needed rest . I too had a delayed diagnosis of Bronchectasis. I have no idea if these two conditions are linked. Good luck.

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Hi, my stepdaughter had this last year. She was prescribed a mix of painkillers and anti inflammatories by her GP. She also had a long course of physio before she recovered fully.

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Hi I emphasise as I get terrible bouts of sciatica too. I have spinal stenosis (lack of discs pressing down on the nerve canal) and the pain is horrible.

I get it in 1 leg all the way down from my bum to my toes and the pain is unbearable. After 2 other meds which didn't help at all I now take Gabapentin which helps a bit but not enough. It normally lasts around 6 weeks too before easing off, and I get it every 4 months or so. I am having an attack now.

I found what helps mine most is walking very slowly (and I mean very slowly) until it eases a bit then it hurts less for a while. But overuse brings it back on again, so the key is very gentle and slow exercise to avoid jangling the nerve.

I must admit I am retired now so can take it very easy when I need to. Maybe I should move more and exercise but I can't stand the pain so sit a lot.

I try to avoid walking and use my mobility scooter even to the local shops. This helps a lot. Not recommending you do the same but it seems to pass naturally no matter whether I exercise or not.

The other things I do are gently massage where it hurts the most as this helps. Also when sleeping try it on the other side and rest the affected leg on the other one. It's a question of finding the most pain free spot then don't move. It works for me. I hope it passes asap.

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Hi, yes I know exactly what you are feeling, I had sciatica way back in 2008, it started in my left bum cheek, felt like someone had given me a good kick, not long after the pain turned into the worst pain I have ever known, from left pelvis down to my toes, could only sit for seconds, couldn't lay down at all, slept either stood over the kitchen worktop on my elbows or on my hands and knees on the floor with my head on the sofa, either way sleep was only odd minutes here and there, only pain that's ever had me crying, had co-codamol, oramorph, diazapam, gabapentin and then pregablin, attended the spinal pain clinic and was given exercises which did help, I used freeze sprays, heat sprays, massagers, took 9 months or so to get out of the worst pain, basically nothing much helped to relieve the pain, the doctor did tell me at one point that he had known not even the strongest pain relief fully take away the pain from sciatica, I really hope yours is just a nip of a nerve and it goes away really soon...

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Valsha in reply to mymouse

Unfortunately this almost exactly mirrors my experience. I spent most nights for 3 months standing in the kitchen with my head on a pillow on the work surface. I couldn’t sit or lie and was most comfortable walking around. I took the recommended drugs, amytriptoline, tramadol and naproxen, and they made no difference whatsoever. Ice was the only thing that helped at all. TENS did nothing for me. I saw a consultant who said it usually goes away in about 12 weeks, and that the pain is worse than childbirth (definitely was). Mine suddenly eased up around the 12 week mark when I gave a violent cough one day. I have a permanently numb outside lower leg and outside 3 toes and have to be very careful not to provoke what if now a permanent weakness. I broke my pelvis two years later and was terrified it would come back then, but it didn’t.

I feel for you so much, but all being well it will get better eventually. My main advice would be to keep moving.

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mymouse in reply to Valsha

Ah yes, I forgot about the tens machine, that didn't help either, I used to pace up and down the garden at 2, 3 and 4 in the morning, Just my left foot that stayed with numbness, I absolutely fear it ever coming back..

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TG58 in reply to mymouse

Yes if it wasn't winter, I would probably be doing the same, I went to bed at 12.30, and was up again about 3am walking around the living room, it's only been about 4 days, and the thought of this for another 6 weeks doesn't bear thinking about, I felt suicidal last night, I got a phone appointment with a GP this morning who is prescribing me some other pain killers, but I'm not holding my breath that they will work, I'm at my whits end, and it's only been a few days 😩😩😩

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Hi, I also suffer with sciatica on a regular basis. My GP prescribes liquid morphine and I also use a TENS machine in between doses of the morphine. I place the pads from the TENS machine at either side of the bottom of my spine. These treatments really work well for me and I am fine now. I completely agree with you that the pain is absolutely horrendous, I hope that you feel better soon.

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Thanks Lydia, I actually bought one of those Tens machines from Amazon on Monday, I have been placing the pads down my leg, and on my foot where the pain, mostly is, its ok when it's on but not long after I take the pads off the pain starts again, maybe I need to place the pads on my lower spine then, what effect does the liquid morphine have ? I have been talking Naproxen with no real effectiveness.

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LydiaRose123 in reply to TG58

Hi TG58, yes, the pain returns when you stop using the TENS machine, but without it, I couldn't even sit down, so it does, for me anyway, provide temporary pain relief.

The liquid morphine was amazing. I took it once in the morning and then again, just before I went to bed. It took the pain away and helped me to sleep.

BTW, I also have Spinal stenosis.

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I have had chronic sciatica for a number of years. The last flare up was the worse. Was treated extremely conservatively by 2 GPs. Then following an A&E experience I was treated by head of gp practice. He gave me Tramadol to take with paracetamol and naproxen plus amitriptyline at night. This medication regime did help at the time.

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This Helped me cost me around 40 Quid in Gibraltar .

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TG58 in reply to Elpojohn

My pain at the moment is mainly in my lower leg below the knee, in the front and around to my calve, and generating to the front of my foot, it's excruciating, the doctor asked me what it was like, I said it's like my leg is being tightened in a vice, with a blow torch on it, I have a small tens machine with small pads, it helps a little while it's attached, but as soon as I remove the pads it comes back, so I'm not sure if a belt will help.

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It is the worst pain ever and your physio is right about it usually lasting 6 weeks or so, but that doesn't mean you have to see them all that time...once is enough for advice. Personally I found co-codamol and walking helped. Walking seemed like a no-no because I could barely do it, but forcing myself through those first few yards and persisting I found that at the end of a walk of a mile or so I had very little pain....which then came back with a vengeance half an hour later. You just have to get through it and hang on to the fact that it won't last for ever.

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I have sciatica caused by stenosis in my lower spine like Hypercat54. I do Pilates and take nortripyline for the fornication it causes in my lower legs which helps me sleep at night. I also use a tens machine when it’s really bad. I was told to put the pads in the dimples in my back. I recently saw a back physio whose brief is to stop me needing the surgery that I’m on the waiting list for. This goes on the principle that your back feels better when leaning over a supermarket trolly. Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly and then pull your bum up like you are trying to hold in wind. Don’t push your pelvis forward when doing this. There’s no one more sceptical about this than me but I have to admit it does stop the pain as it reduces the pressure on the spinal canal. It also works when you’re laying down. Do it before bending down to lift things too. Let me know if it works for you. If not I hope someone else’s suggestions help.

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I've had sciatica on and off ever since a road accident in 1977. I find osteopaths and some physios do help to improve symptoms. I also always ask for exercises to do between appointments to help the injury. These are all stretching exercises like yoga and similar and make a real difference. I also use heat and cold pads alternately at the site of the pain - usually a wheat bag for heat and a wrapped ice pack for cold. Finally, I also have pain killers from the GP, and I massage the tense muscles where I can to relax them.

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I've never had it but know people who have . They saw a physio, got exercises, did them religiously and took ibuprofen . After a couple months the pain stopped. Good luck!

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I had a bout 10 years ago which lasted 5 months. The worst thing was that I could neither sit nor lie without extreme pain. I saw a physio and did the exercises faithfully together with the maximum dose of codeine and eventually had the odd pain free day and eventually it went. I had a boisterous Border Terrier at the time and I think he was the cause of the original jerk which caused it. I would definitely recommend the stretching exercises.

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Hello and hope you are coping with this horrendous nerve pain! Some excellent advice from the lung buddies. My doc started me on Naproxen which I found I cannot take due to having continually upset digestive system. All strong analgesia did not touch it.

Tried all usual, heat pads, ice packs, topical gels Voltarol etc. gentle exercise, physio.

After much pain and very little relief I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome. A muscle in lower buttock becomes immflammed and "nips" the sciatic nerve.

Long story short, doc prescribed Amityptiline which I didn't realise can be used for pain and to relax muscles.

No quick fix but after a week all settled down.

Hope this helps. Best wishes. Dawn.

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Gosh I sympathise Like blackbird9 has said - I do exercises for the hip. I slowly put my leg back whilst keeping my body as still as possible also keep mobile. I think I was prescribed amitriptyline for a really bad case of sciatica. Ibruprofen gel doesn’t give me any relief Voltarol helps a bit. Take care x

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Ouch! Its the most painful thing ever!! I had sciatica for four weeks following hip replacement in September and didnt sleep in my bed for any of that time due to the pain and being worse at night. Nothing helped, heat pad was comforting. Strong medications took the edge off, the only thing that helped in the end was sleeping tablets from a sympathetic GP. Physio and other physical treatments wont help much in the acute phase but you can do this later once the nerve is less angry. Gabepentine and Co-codamol also helped.

I feel your pain and just live in hope that it will get better even though it doesnt feel like that at the time. Once the irritation and nerve gets released then you may be able to proceed gently with walking and gentle stretches.

Good luck!!


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I really do sympathise with you TG58 its a horrid pain. I have had it quite a few times but this latest one is different. I havent slept for nearly two weeks and cant do any exercises its just too painful and not giving me any relief, none of the usual meds are working and my rheumatoid has flared up, so much so that I went to see the rheumy nurse on wednesday and she gave me a steroid shot in the bottom which is helping and think I will be able to walk again in the next couple of days. I hope you find something that works for you, between rest and exercise it will ease off but get some help if you can x

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I feel for you. I have had acute sciatica. Worst pain in my life, bar none. Nothing helped it. My doctor was giving minimum pain killers, afraid of the authorities saying he gives out too much. It went on for weeks, then suddenly it went away. They told me later that a ruptured disc was inflaming the nerve. It broke up and the pressure was relieved. My wife and her friends called a prayer service one night and prayed as a group for my recovery and the pain went away the next morning. I'll send you some prayers.

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Well I am wondering if I have done something bad in another life to deserve this. I'm open to any help I can get at the moment

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I hope you can find something that works. For further information and exercises you could try a YouTube search for "Bob and Brad Sciatica". I've turned to watching their stuff for a few problems myself including a similar problem to sciatica. I've found them useful particularly at times when I couldn't afford physio.

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I had a slipped disc a few years ago & after waiting 6 weeks for physio I decided to see an Osteopath. Unfortunately i came away with Sciatica, out of the frying Pan !,, . In the end my brother suggested acupuncture , I was Sceptical & a bit wary as he was also an Osteopath. My Brother had worked on his Car for him & he had treated his back for him . The pain went as the day went on & I’ve not had a problem since .

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Regrettably, yes, I do experience this pain. It's brought on by spinal stenosis, itself brought on by the degeneration of my spine in the wake of metastasised cancer. (The cancer, initially in one breast (2016), then in the other (2017), spread to my bones and bone marrow (2019), then to my brain (2020), and I was told after this Christmas past (2022) that it's now in my left lung, too.) But back to the sciatica: the pain is constant and unrelenting and is worsened by prolonged periods of inactivity (such as being asleep at night). Mornings (or whenever I wake up - usually towards noon, as my medication sedates me) are indescribable. Truly a living hell. As the tumours run the length of my spine and the breadth of my pelvis (as well as down my sternum and along my clavicle and the base of my skull), there isn't a single position in which I find relief from the pain. I have also been diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome, and am to undergo a procedure to attempt to relieve some of the pressure on the nerves at the base of my spine. I've been on whackloads of prescription pain relief since 2019: Oxycodone (both long-acting tablets and breakthrough liquid) and Nortriptyline, supplemented by Baclofen to (supposedly) control the excruciating leg spasms. I am housebound and use a wheelchair when attending hospital/hospice appointments as walking even short distances is out of the question - also because the spread of the cancer to the lung has caused severe breathlessness and chest pain, not helped by the heart failure brought on by immunotherapy. I have a lung drainage procedure scheduled for next week: the invading cancer cells have released fluid in and around the left lung (Malignant Pleural Effusion: the prognosis is bleak). Like you, I have no idea how or why things have become so dire: I was disgustingly healthy prior to 2016, apart from suffering from fairly well-controlled asthma. It's the least of my worries now.

I hope you find the answers and the relief you seek.

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I am 77 and0 have had COPD/Asthma (for 35 years)and I have had sciatica for the last 4 years - every day pain and I hate it. I also developed a hip problem 2 years or so ago (hip problem began about 10 years ago but settled and wasn't troublesome but this time a replacement hip is necessary). Unfortunately my general health was "unfit" so was unable to have the op 18 months ago however I am trying again and am waiting to hear from the anaesthetist who will review the tests I took at the op-pre-assessment as to whether I "am fit enough this time".

I digress - sorry - yes sciatic pain is beyond indescribable. I was referred to the Pain Clinic and have had nerve blockers and at least 3 epidurals - all of which calmed everything down for a short time but the pain still returns just like a "best friend".

I take Pregabalin 100mg b.d and Paracetamol 500mg x 4 hourly which calms it down. I use Deep Heat which also helps but neither is relief giving for more than 3 hours or so. My ex-GP told me NOT to use anti-inflammatories - creams or pills - because of the asthma.

I do the stretching business and also stand on tip toe and then down on my heel then up on my toes - this helps for a while but some days I am unable to put my right foot on the floor hence walking becomes difficult.

So like a lot of your replies I get cramp especially at night which wakes me up, tingling and burning feelings in my legs, a deep deep pain in my buttock and numbness of the leg, foot or ankle or all at once. Can't sit for long and unable to walk far or for long . If I walk for too long I get out of breath.

Realistically the sciatica is aggravated by the hip problem and probably vice versa. Catch 22 situation really.

I do hope your sciatica goes away in the time you have been quoted. Good luck and best wishes but please be aware that you are not alone with this as we are all here for each other whatever help/advice is requested


Bardear xxxx

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TG58 in reply to Bardear

That all sounds terrible, my problems pale into insignificance, after reading your story, I don't know how you find the will to carry on, I'm not sure I could 🥺

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Bardear in reply to TG58

I'm not sure how I manage to carry on myself most of the time but I do and will continue to do so and I'm sure you could too if you had to.

I have a husband, children, a grandson and a great grand-daughter as well as good long-standing friends and lovely neighbours to cheer me on. If however I am found to be unfit for my op this time I shall not try again as I cannot realistically keep trying and failing can I??

Apart from that unfortunately COPD is an operational risk anyway more so if you are unfit.

So I shall just continue "carrying on" probably with the help of a stronger pain killer.

Please don't think this will ever happen to you because it won't I have just got the short straw and that really is no reason - I think- to either give up or give in.

Best Wishes


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TG58 in reply to Bardear

Well yes, I must admit the thought of my children and grandchildren does keep me going, I want to see them grow up some more yet, and I know they would miss me if I wasn't around, so I have to be positive, I'm only 5 days into it, so only another few weeks to go hopefully, and I will be over the worst, it's amazed me how things can change so quickly, back in October I was quite healthy and life was good, apart from bronchiectasis and asthma and diverticulitis, which I manage relatively well, then mid October I got covid, then long covid, and now this. So I guess I should never take anything for granted. I do wish you well, and I hope you get your operation, and come out the other side feeling great relief. Take care 🥰

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Tranquilwaters in reply to TG58

Hello! How are you getting on now? I an currently 16 days into the exactly the same and it's really starting to effect me mentally now. It's the most horrendous, indescribable pain isn't it?🥺

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I send sympathies to all sciatica sufferers. I had it for months years ago and it made a return recently. It is definitely one of the worst pains I have experienced and I have spent ages leaning over worktops trying to find relief. None of the drugs mentioned helped but a neighbour, who is an acupuncturist, treated me which enabled me to sleep after treatment. However she did say it could only give relief not a cure. Gentle stretches when possible to move also helped. My problems seem insignifisant compared to some

Best wishes to everybody

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