will oxygen help me

i am 75 yrs old non smoker for 15 yrs i hve copd my gp and the specalist at leeds chest clinic have told me they have tweeted my tablets and inhalers nebulisers all they can do ,i have a appointment to see the specalist on10/4/2013 should i ask to go on oxygen, will it help me.i have just purchasehed aoxymeter my readings are at rest 90-91 os working 83-87 after short walk of 15 yards

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  • Hello Sachmo. Oxygen has to be prescribed like any other medication and, based on your blood gas and spirometry tests, your pulmonologist will be the best judge of whether or not you need to go onto oxygen. May I suggest that you write a list of all your questions and insist that your doctor answers them in a manner that you clearly understand. Good luck and please let us know what you learnt from your doctor.

    Don't stress now and breathe easy.


  • Mine is about the same as yours Sachmo and I'm on a very small dose of oxygen at 1/2 l/min. So there's no harm in suggesting it. You may or may not need it.

  • By the way .... I'm pretty new to this site and I've just noticed the tag for Oxygen questions. I have a couple of questions of my own so I'm definitely going to browse around there. Care to join me? :-)


  • Hi Sachmo

    Has your Gp ever referred you for an oxygen assessment? A pulse oximeter is useful for a guide but is not definitive - if your readings fall below 92% then an assessment at the hospital would be helpful.

    As always please feel free to call us - 03000 030 555.



  • You can buy oxygen in smallish canisters from Amazon but do be careful. Not only is it highly flammable but too much can be toxic.

  • i am on oxygen and it was because of that reason, my oxygen would drop. as your doctor if you need it

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