My grandfather was a hell of a man,a bit wild 6ft 4inch very strong but also very kind and gentle.He was very ill at the end,he knew he was dying and would not get home.My self being 18 and thinking i knew all i need to know about life asked the question. do you belive in heaven,,,answer son this is what you get,it can be heaven it can be hell,it is up to you what you make of it.Question, are you not afriad of dying,answer,somewhere i have not been yet might be interesting. For my self with my severe copd it has been in my mind a great deal.I really miss that man now.I hope this may help someone somwhere.

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  • I so agree with the sentiments.

    My mother spent her last three years, with no serious health concerns, so worried about dying that what could have been three good years, were three years of anxiety and distress (hers mostly but mine too) and constant visits to her GP.

    I am trying to live in the now, even when the now is a bit difficult, there are people who have lived harder, more brutal and shorter lives than me all over the world.

  • got to be positive in life,its the little things that count pal.

  • That's lovely. My mum used to say, whenever someone died, "Well, now they know the great secret", apparently her mother had used to say that. I'm hedging my bets, I may get to see my wonderful mum again or, if not, then death will be the end and we'll know no more. Either way, it holds no fear for me. I can't complain about my life pre copd, I had many good times, traveled, lived abroad, was fortunate enough to be able to earn enough money to give me a fairly good standard of living. Only one regret and it's a massive one - the cigs. Libby

  • what you did 10mins ago is history,,,,,if you enjoyed it then good for you,,,that is what life is all about,,, i have always wanted to wrestle a bear for some reason could never find a bear stupid enough.positive thoughts are the only way,,,,may pass on the bear wresling though.

  • Aww id2409 don't give up on your dreams because of this blasted condition, just adapt them. If bear wrestling is out of the question, try bare wrestling instead . Hee hee hee

  • Live for today!

  • That's one thing I hope my " children " will undertand. ( The eldest is in her 20's ). Life is too short so grab it and make the best of it while you can.

  • Life with copd is a challenge. And non know more than us in that respect. I know I am going to die. We all do. My thoughts are. When it happens I will not know about it. Unless of course there is an after life. For now though. Whatever the challenges, and there are many, I am determined to enjoy my life for as long as I can. And not bow to the inevitable. Life is far too short to spend it worrying if we are going to be here next week, next year, or the one after.

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