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I received my Breathing Space magazine and I thought I would have a quite while this evening reading it. I managed the first four pages but had to give up, the smell from either the paper or print was just too much and started me wheezing and coughing. I have left it out of the way hoping when it has been open a few days it won't be so bad. I don't expect I am the only one so perhaps the BLF could look into this.

Carole x

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  • Hi Carole, have just opened mine at first I didn't think it had a smell to it but now it has been opened a while I agree there is an aroma to it.

    polly xx

  • Hi Carole, maybe you should send one of the BLF staff a message to let them know? It may be a while before they look in and if there is a problem the sooner it is looked at the better.

  • Good idea auntymary, I will do that and it is nice to see you back.

  • Thanks :)

  • Hi there thought i was the only one so have kept quiet clipping it on a board in my shed until the "aroma" dies back enough for reading. Adapting without even thinking has become the normal way of living now.

  • well yes it has Jake but have no shed to clip it in and such a small bungalow nowhere I can leave it really, will be okay in the summer can I read it outside then!


  • Same here. The smell is awful. I too thought it was just me! I do find it with a very few other magazines. It's the ink, or the paper, but it is terrible.

    Lynne xx

  • Good Morning

    I must admit when I opened the office copy of Breathing Space I noticed the smell - never noticed it before.

    I have spoken to Rachel, the editor of the magazine - she says she will look into it - but is a bit puzzled because nothing has been changed since the last edition - the paper and ink etc is all the same. But it is being looked into.



  • Just wondering what the breathing space magazine is, have not come across this before, is it helpful ?

  • If you join the British Lung Foundation (see home page £10) it is sent to you quarterly

    Carole x

  • Yes, I have noticed the smell too but it's the same with quite alot of "printed matter" these days. Saga magazine also smells since they changed the format and so do many of the advertising leaflets enclosed. My theory is that it is the recycled stuff in the paper and/or ink used.

  • Luckily I had read your post so when my copy arrived this morning I was a bit wary and asked my husband to flick through it and it fair took his breath away! I dread to think what it would have done to me. It is now in the outhouse airing off before I read it. Maybe the Government sponsored this edition in an attempt to finish a few of us off to save on some costs?

  • Well said grannybell lol xx

  • They'll stop at nothing to reduce the defecit in the economy!

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