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PURSED BREATHING? Tips gratefully gratefully received


hi all. I've noticed several mentions of this in the past few days. Can anyone offer me any information about it please. IE what it does, how to do it. Many thanks P

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Here's a Youtube video where the guy explains what it does and how to do it. I hope it helps. It's easier than trying to describe it with writing. He offers a few more tips as well.

Thank you so much Puff.

It really works. Try it everyone Thanks for the video puff keep well xx

very helpfulx

I'm planning on listening to this several times over when in a relaxed state (easy today with the sun streaming in my bay window) thereby sort of hypnotising myself.

Hopefully I can train myself for it to come naturally at more difficult times.

Again, thanks Puff. P

very good advice,intend to use it to full extent.thank you.x

Glad to be of help.Happy breathing ! :)

Good video puff and will be getting Pete to practise. Thanks. xxxx

Thanks for video puff, very helpful, will put into action when I can xxx

It's nice to feel useful ! :)

Thanks Puff, a very interesting video, thanks for sharing it with us. I will watch it over and over again until I get it right, difficult to do when in a panic, best to learn to work through panic situation, I also find it difficult when walking, or when having a coughing fit, practice makes perfect so they say, so practice, practice and practice some more. Thanks again.

Take care x

Thanks Puff, found it very helpful. Will keep using the method. Found you can do it in public without it being noticed!

I am not a doctor but rather a recovered asthmatic, wile you are about it you might like to try nose breathing with tightly pursed lips, which brings on a deep breath by a reflex. I got onto doing as a routine. It just nipped any asthmatic shortage of breath in the bud. I just spent fours in a room with 4 cats . Normally this would have got me into terrible trouble.

All the best R.Friedel

Wow I'd forgotten this post from 3 years ago. I do the nose breathing with pursed lips on inhale & exhale as a matter of course now, especially on exertion.

By recovered asthmatic do you mean no more drug Richard?

RIP dear Puff who helped so many and for his great sense of humour 😃

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