Trying 35% hydrogen peroxide Foodgrade

Hi everyone In 2007 my GP told me that I had COPD I was then refered to a Respiratory clinic for futher test, and was confirmed I was at what they called Mild Stage Emphysema.In 2008 my health started to get worse I can not remember how many times that I ended up in the emergency room.A friend of mine told me about H2O2 Foodgrade, and the benefits that other people have had by diluteing it in distilled water and then drinking it.I done a bit of research on this 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and what I read about this was really amazing I thought well what have I got to lose I followed all the insructions on preperation of this H2O2Foodgrade 35% and within the first week I felt great wow this stuff really does work.

Over the next few years I always take 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide before the winter comes and it has certainly cut my time going to the emergency room by more than half. If anyone wants to have a look at amazing stuff you can google. (Hydrogen Peroxide - Internal Use)


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46 Replies

  • 2hooks

    I was diagnosed as having COPD (Bronchiectasis) about 4 1/2 years ago.

    And no where in my extensive research on the subject have I come across the suggestion that taking hydrogen peroxide (35% or otherwise) is a good idea. For anything. Whiten teeth maybe, if gargled.

    I was thinking of running it past my GP, but I'm frightened the big burly, hairy armed men in nurses uniforms will appear. :) Going to need more than 2 hooks to get me on that one. :p

  • hi is it ok to dilute in deionised water as well as destilled.deionised is purer.? it's just that everyone talks about purity and deionised is purer. bit confused

  • You're posting on a 3-year old thread, and the person you're asking hasn't posted anything for the last 2 years . . .

  • I to have bronchiectasis and get frequent lung infections. A persistent use of antibiotics resulted in peripheral neuropathy. I tried searching for alternative ways of dealing with my lung problem. I found an ayverdic phiciscian in England and bought herbs from him but sadly they didn't work. I am thinking to try H2O2 but scared.

    How did it work for you? Are you better? I hope not worse.

  • I've never heard of it either, but I do gargle with it at the first sign of a sore throat, as recommended by chemists.

    Lynne xx

  • Lynne 1955 bless you love, but that hydrogen peroxide is not the same thing as 35% hydrogen peroxide (Foodgrade) the one you are talking about is the one you can buy from chemist etc. Not the same thing go to You tube and look

  • Quackery and pseudo science. And why on earth would you need to try any such thing when the outlook for someone with mild copd is for a pretty much normal life span - assuming you stop smoking?

  • go to you tube for safe level zube good luck

  • Thanx oxytic, will do, was like you a bit apprehensive about using this in nebuliser, would also like to use it to clear sinus and will try soon. did you try this link also ? and which utube clip did you find best ? Thank you for safe level tip. Su

  • This is a better link with a lot more info on using hydrogen peroxide, written by Dr.David G. Williams


  • Hi! Just wondering about your experience using the HP Theropy. I am on day 9 (14 drops) and I started using a larger glass (16 oz, was using 6 oz) to help dilute the HP. It seems rather strong already. 20 to 25 drops seems like it will be a lot to drink. Should I push through? How did you feel with taking from 14 to 25 drops, 3 times daily? Thanks -Jim

  • Why not check it out with the BLF

  • Good suggestion, perhaps they could come back to us on this, it would be usefull for all of us to know there opinion.

    polly xx

  • I sourced this on the web as it sounded interesting as I was looking for anything to make my husbands life better.

    This is what I found out about it.

    Medical Uses

    Drinking or injecting high-strength hydrogen peroxide products sold online to treat serious diseases such as AIDS can be harmful. The "35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide" products are highly corrosive and ingesting them could cause stomach irritation and ulcers, gastrointestinal erosion, and perforation. Injecting the products intravenously could lead to blood vessel inflammation, bubbles in blood vessels and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. The FDA has not approved 35 percent hydrogen peroxide for any use. The agency sent warnings to two Texas-based firms, DFWX and Frad 35 Inc., in which the agency said the firms were illegally selling 35 percent hydrogen peroxide products to treat AIDS, cancer, emphysema and other serious diseases.

  • With the FDA being in bed with the Pharmaceutical Company , I for one take what they say with a grain of salt. Please do more research on this before making a final decision. When hydrongen peroxide is diluted it is safe, and also i heard it is good to nebulize with. I have looked into this and will be trying it myself . Maureen usa

  • you have open minded voice of reason maureen, I agree, some pharmaceutical companies are richer than some entire country's. I will be asking and looking into it too.

    su uk

  • Thank you for your kind words. Maureen xx

  • Hi there, you are thinking just the same as I am.But I don't think I wish to nebulise H2O2 first . maybe to ingest first .But don't forget it has to be distilled water. You can find information on YouTube.

  • Hi Oxytic I'm curious to know if you ever did nebulise h202. I've bought a bottle of 3% food grade but I'm a bit wary of using it. I've got bronchiectasis and now have pseudomonas too.

    I've been nebulising pure garlic for a couple of months now and that seems to have kept colds at bay, but I'm desperate to get rid of pseudomonas.

    Would love to hear how you're getting on.


  • when I was a kid I actually put hydrogen peroxide on an open wound.It bubbled to the point it looked like it was vigorously boiling. I told dad what I did, Big mistake. As well as a cut on my finger I also got a red ear. It was also the first time i heard the term "doolally" from mum.

    I'm an Aussie.

    For goodness sake 2hooks take heed of sweetthing12's post. :)

  • I'd just like to point out that Mr j2hooks DID say that he diluted the 35% HP "in distilled water". Consequently, assuming that he ingested a weak enough solution it would no longer qualify as high-strength hydrogen peroxide.

    As in everything, it's "all about the percentages"!

    (j2hooks. It might be useful to state exactly what dilution rate you used, hydrogen peroxide /distilled water.)

  • Another snake oil salesman?

  • No just someone with copd who will never give up hope and will always keep looking for natural cures . If I did'nt have insurance as many in my country I would not be able to afford my medicine (Symbicort). Snake oil salesman? Maureen usa

  • You have it telephone junkie, I worked in research for a very large company and I know that they can only support research which make them money and that they disparage anything that they can't control as a matter of policy.

  • Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally in many of the bodies processes (in particular our immune systems) and in unpolluted regions of our planet hydrogen peroxide falls with the rain. If it was dangerous to have hydrogen peroxide in our bodies we would have died out as a species long ago.

    As with so many things the toxicity is in the dose.

    No one would consider it dangerous to take one aspirin, in fact it can save the life of someone who is having a heart attack.

    Would it be considered dangerous to take 700 aspirins? Of course it would, it would kill you!!

    35% hydrogen peroxide is 700 times more concentrated than the amount that is considered safe.

    Always dilute your 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in distilled water. Tap or mineral water contains dissolved minerals that will react with the extra oxygen, wasting it.

  • Thanx j2hooks for this interesting blog.

    I use a Lung Flute mucus clearing device to clear my lungs but I sometimes have trouble removing infections so will look into this, I see this diluted formula can also be used in a nebuliser with very good results.

    so interesting, thanx.


  • You are so welcome Zube

  • My question is have you tried a control?, it's possible that it is the water rather than the hydrogen peroxide. Doctors are always saying people dont drink enough and are mildly dehydrated. The increase in water intake could have sometimes quite dramatic effects, i.e thinning mucus.

  • Thanks for the clarification j2hooks, I aim to try this as soon as I can get hold of some hydrogen peroxide. I remember well my grandmother having it in her medical kit along with Borax, Cod-liver oil, Mustard and Iodine, non of which were patented as far as I'm aware.

  • I am a 53 year old truck driver who also have been degenerating and getting worst as the years go by. To the point where I have found myself to weigh 300 Lbs with swollen legs and poor circulation to the point of not being able to walk up a half a flight of stairs without having to gasp for air. My feet felt like they were on fire and numb most of the time. The Doctor placed me on diuretics of witch I was on for over three months to help remove some of the fluid that had built up in my legs to no avail. I also have been diagnosed with arthritis in my mid upper back that caused me allot of discomfort and nagging pain that went through my entire body that I found myself having to take up to two Alieve and 2 to 3 Tramasets and a half hour long hot shower on my knees just to function in the morning. This constant pain in my back and legs is what helped cause my being over weight as exercise was not something that I wanted to do! I also had stomach issues that left me feeling like someone punched me in the abdomen all the time when ever I exerted myself witch also caused my shortness of breath witch in turn didn’t help me with my wanting to exercise which also lead to my lack of exercise and my being over weight. In short, all of these issues played a significant roll in two marriage brake ups and to the eventual loss of my long term job. Now I have spent over two decades with these issues for which I have sought medical help, and all to no avail! I have gone for M.R.I. ‘s C.T. scans, bone scans, ultra sound, countless blood tests just to name a few, and all for not! So as the old saying go’s. Desperate people do desperate things! One day a friend who has been using H202 for years told me about this controversial use of H202 by ingesting it and of all the claims that followed it. So having tried everything else I began researching and reading personal testimonies and their claims to healing then decided try it. On the first week I started finding myself having more energy. On the second week I found that I not only had more energy, I also found that my back leg pain was not as prominent. So I thought I would stop taking my Alieve and trameset to see if the pain would increase, and to my surprise it did not. So I completely stopped taking it ,only to report that I am now going on my third week of H202 therapy without pain killers for my arthritis! Also due to fear of what being on diuretics for my fluid retention would have if I mixed it with the H202 I stopped taking this as well but this time I stopped before I began taking H202 only to report that the swelling in my legs has significantly gone down and the burning sensation in my feet has greatly diminished and the cramps and pain that I had in my legs is all but gone! Also I have found that my stomach issues seem to have gone away to the point that I was also able to walk up two flights of stairs without having to stop to catch my breath half way up and at the top. ! I have also found that my apatite has greatly diminished #1 due to the fact that one must not eat 2 to 3 hours before and after the ingestion of H202 but also it seems that I find my self not as hungry. To which I am reporting that my size 46 jeans aren’t as tight tight on me! So. In conclusion, I am now starting on my third week of H202 feeling quite optimistic and encouraged that there is hope after all! Yesterday I went out tricker treating with my two young boys and I found my self walking around five or six blocks or so without having to stop due to pain and shortness of breath! So for you skeptics out there, till you’ve walked a mile in someones desperate shoes, don’t knock it! Now this having been said I don’t know what side effects that I may encounter in the future due to ingesting H202. But for now, I am reporting that My life has taken a significant change for the better and I am going to continue on my 30 day regiment of H202! I will report again after I have concluded. Sincerely: A believer in H202

  • hello H2O2 believer well done but stay in touch your last report was 8 months ago's things now

  • j2hooks,

    I was recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.. now I'm researching treatments...

    where is the best place to obtain pure 35% H202..

    can it be used with spring-water or well water?

    thanks for your help..

  • esgatch hi there I know for sure you are to use only distilled water ...As H2O2 reacts with metal in the water; take care, hope it goes well for you

  • Hi, I am at an advanced stage of copd. I'm wondering about what effect H2O2 would have if used in an electronic cigarette. What mix is considered safe? In my Ecig I use only menthol 0 nicotine. I'm thinking the misting with Ecig would be an effective way of getting the H2O2 into the lungs efficiently.

    Regards Glyn

  • hello time for a rethink :)

  • Doctors are paid by pharma companies, so they will push what they are given.

    In Hong Kong it's really bad.

    You go in with a minor ailment and walk out with about 20 different pills and liquids, most of which have absolutely no benefit. Yet people trust the doctors word.

    I am a skeptic.

  • Hi j2hooks,

    I am searching the info about 35% Foodgrade HP for COPD. Have you spoken to your doctor about your results?

    I found quite a few evidences but all of them from people who used the stuff on their own initiative. Doctors usually do not advise. This fact puts me off of trying. Thank you.

  • Hi Nn21 doctors will not advise, because it has no support from chemical companies. Its something you will have to find out for your self . I guess its a matter of how bad the illness has got for you that will make you decide weather to try some thing else, when all other things are not improving your condition I wish for you hope and comfort in the dilemma you face .I know for I am myself in the same situation ,in the same threshold as yourself

  • Can anyone point to where I might be able to procure 35% h2o2 as it's no longer available readily for personal use ?

  • To those of you who we're thinking of nebulising h202, I'd love to hear how you are getting on. I've just bought the 3% food grade and am trying to pluck up the courage to try it. I've had bronchiectasis all my life (64 years) and now have pseudomonas. I don't want to go down the antibiotics route with nasty side effects.

    Your comments would be most welcome.


  • Did anyone try intravenous HP treatments? I am so scared of it, but I do not have any other options. Just wanted to hear from someone who had done it.

  • It does not really matter if you use this because they H202 will automatically purify the water as soon as you put your 1st 35 % drop into it.

  • I have read the comments about the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide. What I haven't heard,( that I would love to, ) is the improvements in your pulmonary function test. Has anyone actually seen an improvement in any of the numbers that indicate your lung function? for me, that would be a good indicator as to how well this therapy is working.

    All and any comments would appreciated




  • Hi, the original post is 3 years old - I wonder if he's now cured!

  • I have recently read an article about inhaling H202 (food grade 3%) It says to use and empty, sterilised nasal inhaler and squirt it to the back of the throat whilst inhaling sharply. Another woman also inhaled it through a nebulizer and also inhales colloidal silver. I am going to try it but wanted to see if anyone else has used it.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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