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Can anyone recommend a decent adjustable bed for me about 4 foot wide and not too dear.I understand i`m supposed to be elevated because of my copd..even though i couldn`t sleep well in hospital on them i know it to be right to have one i spent 66 days on one and was pleased to get home lol but i must try and do the right thing Bob..

never give up..

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  • Hullo, bobshir I have a HSL bed . I admit they are not cheap but well worth it. You might be able to get cheaper ones, but they will always be dearer than a normal bed. There are mehods of elevating the head of the bead but I dont think they are as good. All the best

  • Bob,

    Try calling your local council and ask for the adult contact team, a posh name for social services. They may be able to come and assess you for one, arrange the purchase and delivery etc - and pay for it too.

  • I agree with Gordon.As they say,What you don't ask for!!!!

  • thank you all for your prompt reply.i will ask my nurse about this she comes every 2 weeks to write down my sats and bp and just to see if i need anything so i shall ask.. thanks again ..bob

    never give up...

  • Two points to make, firstly if you are going to buy one Dreams bed stores do a really good selection of adjustable beds at very reasonable prices and remember as you are buying a new bed for medical purposes you can claim the VAT back in store. You sign a disclaimer form they provide and they reduce the price there and then, dont forget to haggle for a bit more off to.

    Secondly you may be entitled to one Free of charge if you have an OT assessment via social services, or referral from GP (i think) or referral from hospital for assessment or easier still if you are under the district nurses they can supply one within a matter of days.

    Good luck

  • thanks to you both, i`m sure you have helped others if they read this..thats what this is all about helping each other..thanks again ..Bob

    never give up...

  • I was told by my local social services that i could not have any help as severe copd is not a phyiscal disability . :-(

  • And that's where you tell them is IS and get on to your MP to help you :)

  • Try a couple of bricks.

  • i have blocks under the top of my bed but I slide down during the night when I get up in the morning my hair looks like Jedward's I am going to try a heavy old candlewick bedspread folded across the bottom to see if that will help.

    polly xx

  • Hi,my mum has copd and she has a hospital bed her community matron who comes to her arranged it. It really helps as some nights she has to sleep almost sitting up on her oxygen. Try asking your nurse lets hope it doesn't depend on your postcode :( best of luck x

  • my nurse who visits me every fortnight asked if i wanted one from the hospital but i said no !..i didn`t want to deprive someone who might need it in hospital..thanks bmb64..Bob.

    never give give up.

  • well good luck also betterlife have some good offers i picked up their brochure from my local llyods chemist.

    Bernadette :)

  • I bought one for my self three months ago. I visited Dreams and other bed shops and surfed until I found The Electric Bed Company on E Bay. I bought a 3ft 6inch bed with a memory foam mattress for £375 with free delivery. They quote their prices without VAT. There are number of other dealers on E bay this was just the best one I could find at the time.

    I have COPD as well and have found it a great relief and most nights I now have a full nights sleep. I would not be without it now. The memory foam mattress is something else!

    I am a widower and used to have a double bed which I don't miss, maybe its because I am not a bed wanderer!

    If you can afford it treat yourself



  • David could you send me the link for that company on ebay cos i tried to find it with a search and its not there thanks for any help... Bob..

    never give up ..

  • Hi Bob,

    If you go onto E Bay and put Electric Bed Company then you should find it

    heres a link

    I also found if you go onto E Bay and put adjustable electric bed in the search Bo that works and you get a listing of all the different dealers

    Failing all that just copy the link into Google and you will find it



  • Thanks David will do that now good luck Bob..

    never give up..

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