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Zip it!

Feeling a bit vulnerable and alone at the moment, go through this sometimes when I have had period of prolonged poor health (meaning worse than normal). Feeling ultra sensitive today because an elective admission to RBH has been cancelled because of no beds. Was looking forward to some respite from the massive amounts of pred I am swallowing daily, and just having some energy. Have been pottering about a bit more the past week and Lottie is getting a few waddles about the place and a wee bit happier now as she is getting lots of treats from her favourite friends and places.

So bearing in mind that is one is feeling ultra sensitive at the moment I am amazed that I didn't rip off a man's head in my local pharmacy today. Ignorant or what? Babbling on about people on disability benefits and how at least 75% of them aren't sick and capable of work, it would do them good and that is why they are currently being checked. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh, don't know how I kept my cool, there was me signing loads of prescriptions because I had a stack of meds to collect, feeling crap. I think if I had the energy I would have removed this man's ignorant body from my presence if it was possible.

Thank god my breathing wasn't great because otherwise I would be sitting in a police cell having committing actual bodily harm at the least.

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People do rabbit on and on about items they see in their newspapers. Anything will do for a mindless moan. Perhaps I am guilty. But when you are feeling low and depressed. Do hope things will improve for you soon, daxiemad and a cuddle for Lottie. Love Annie80xx


Do hope mindless media talk has not taken away the belief in the real that things can improve, there is nothing positive from these situations, people believe what they want without knowing the truth as we do.


When you're down....... the only way is up, and god willing you will find your 'up' pretty soon Daxiemaid :) and as for the man in the pharmacy, he's lucky he's still got his teeth !! He hasn't even got his facts correct !!

Please tickle Lottie behind the ear for me :)



This is just not what you need when you are having a bad time. I think that you conducted yourself admirably! I have had a bad spell lately and also felt like ripping my GP's head of on Monday so I sympathise. I hope that you feel better soon.


Some people are ignorant.If anything happened to them they would be the first to claim benefits.Hypocrits


So sorry you are having a rough trot - really empathise. Hope they get a bed soon and you feel an improvement.

Dax when you come out of 5* you will feel better - the guy in the chemist will always be a bigoted ignoramous - so don't give him another thought hun.

Love C x


Oh dear Dax some people hey? That is the popular myth though. Wish you had torn his head off but glad you didn't end up in jail!

That reminds me when an acquaintance in the pub was slagging me off because I was unemployed and saying there are loads of jobs out there and she went on and on. So I said you have a kid don't you? She said yes. So I said - well I don't have any kids so who do you think has been contributing towards your kids upkeep! Me thats who. She shut up very quickly.... :)

Hope you are feeling better soon Dax.

Bev xx


Unfortunately this type of attitude is everywhere now days, the tv, press, and please don't listen to Lbc (london radio) people can be such bigots, I am surprised people are not going on about the 13 000 who will be £100,000 better off through tax cuts to the rich ( are they the deserving rich or the undeserving rich?) dax you showed integraty by keeping it zipped today, I hope this idiot hasn't bought you down too much, and I hope he is visited by the 'curse of a thousand itchy arseholes! ' hope that didn't offend anyone, unlike chap in chemist who I find very offensive x x x


Hope today is a better day for you!! Dont waste good energy, on these gormless people.

We have a lot of predjudices here as well. If its not the "boat people" its aboriginals, teenagers, unemployed,single mums etc etc.! The media has a lot to answer for.For every person abusing the system, I am sure theres thousands whom dont.

Its a sad world, that we always seem to have to blame others for all the wrongs of the world.

I always say it comes from the parents too,children soak all these things up,and repeat the parents


I would have ripped his head off and shoved your meds down his neck. They would have replaced them in jail!


I feel it is a bit more insidious than this, the government and the papers are vilifying the sick and disabled,and turning public opinion against us. Stirring up peoples bigotry and resentment is a typical thing for right wing government to gain power, this is how Hitler did it,it is how Thatcher did it, and now Cameron is doing it.

If you control all of a persons information you control that person, the people don't know any better, they believe what they are told and the government says we are robbing the state, something needs to be done people must somehow be convinced that this sort of fascist attitude will lead to no good. personally I don't claim benefits, I work and I hear this kind of talk all the time but the problem is not the stupid people who don't know any better it is the government who should be brought to task, but the people who should be speaking out the churches and the charities are all running scared frightened for there survival.

Remember that at first Hitler seemed like a good guy, divide and then dictate it is the right wing way!


Daxiemad. Just maybe the person you overheard was right if so and something was to be done about it those of us that realy need the help from the state would get it.


Straight talking that will not offend the genuinely sick, only the benefit scroungers that have tribes of children at the states expense. We are not in possession of a bottomless pit of gold that can give without asking the cause of need.


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