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Night Cramps

Told the doctor about night cramps when I was in for blood pressure been high. Something he has been expecting but I did not expect it was anything to do with me bad chest so had not said anything a mistake when it could have added quinine sulphate onto me prescriptions over six months ago when it started waking me up and getting me out of bed . Upshot is if the same is happening mention it the doctor can do something about this one.

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Tonic water is what the respiratory nurse 'prescribed' for me :) but she said to make sure that it said "quinine added" on the bottle label.

I've been on quinine sulphate for ages. You do have to read the information leaflet. There can be some nasty side effects.


Hi I am also on quinine tablets it is common when you use inhalers, I was suffering terrible cramps in my upper leg so severe it used to wake me up in agony, so I now take the tablets as the side effects are easier to cope with than the pain, It is usefull for other people to know about so thankyou for posting this. regards ajameb.

Hi what tablet are quinine tablets I mean what are they given for is it anything to do with breathing medication . because I get cramp and thought is was just a thing that comes with age. .But resently been treated for blood pressure well for a year now.would like an answer before having to go to the Dr .With "I dont know why"? thanks everyone for sharing your information with us all

They are given to prevent cramp as some inhalers can cause cramp you could also drink tonic water it contains quinine but I dont like it, Quinine tablets used to prevent malaria hope this helps.

thank you ajamed but do inhailer have "quinine" in them and are the cause of cramp "maybe"? I,m a little confused, :(

no there is no quinine in the inhalers it is some kind of chemical in the inhalers that can cause cramp my Doctor told me this and then said try the quinine tablets and they work for me hope this helps.

I have been taking CIder Vinegar twice a day for about two months now. My leg cramps went within the first month, and my cough has eased. Just a thought, and worth a try.

Hi Stitch. I have cider vinegar with honey [from Holland and Barret], 1 tablespoon in at least 1/2 mug of water, twice a day. I buy it mixed because it is difficult to mix yourself, a bit like oil and water!! Have had just cider vinegar [yes I'm sold on it] but it is more palatable with honey in it. Hope that helps, and good luck

thanks for this info x


what inhaler is it ? I take 3 help :) dont panic dont panic its only cramp LOL but always thought ,would'nt want cramp in the heart, after all the heart is a muscle...LOL dont panic enjoy yu day good people Gbu all

hi knowedweller..great a magic potion... Cider Vinegar twice a day .....But how much twice a day? "a cup full? or half a bucket full? but joking aside if it works thats good for us all Thank you for sharing that with us all:And await your reply Gbu

I was on quinine tablets for a few years- don`t know why I carried on taking them because they didn`t stop the cramp nothing does for me. I just have to leap out of bed and dance about for a bit. Anyway I stopped taking them when I was in hospital once and the pharmacist came to see me about my medication and said that the quinine was very toxic. But I`m glad if some of you find they give you some relief from cramp.

Re what causes it from the inhalers I was told it`s the "formoterol" which is what makes the inhaler longlasting in the preventer. Don`t know if anyone else has heard any different.

Regards to all Sheila x

I think my Doctor said it was my spiriva inhaler but I also take symbicort and salbutamol, but my leg cramps are ok with taking the quinine. Hope this helps.

thanks ajameb love jude

I take crampex tablets when I need them. You can buy them at Boots ect., so dont need a prescription. Oh how the cramp hurts, and why always at night. Ah well just another thing to have to put up with I suppose.

I'm on salbutamol and beclometasone inhalers and since i started the steroid one (beclometason) been getting terrible night cramps in my neck. (I have cervical spondylosis).

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