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Cold weather on the way (again!)


Just to advise that snow is forecast for tomorrow and a cold weather alert has been issued by the Met Office:


Keep warm, if you have to go out get the layers on and try a thin scarf over the mouth to help warm the air before it gets to your lungs.

Best Wishes


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Once again we have a Yellow Snow warning - 1.bp.blogspot.com/_ITwhstBF...

Going on a visit to see Dad on Wednesday, had to cry off last week as I got a blast of cold air before I even set off and felt terrible. But, going to go for it this week 'cos we'll be in the car and my wife's going too :)

As long as we can manage to overcome the 4cm of snow that's been forecast for our area. we'll be fine.


I'm off to Sheffield tomorrow where I am working for 2 days. I'm going by train, my husband is dropping me at the local station, change trains in Birmingham then a taxi to where I am working.

Staying over and I have to walk to the hotel, so I will wear my snow boots and wrap up and take my time. I have a very small wheels case so it should be fine xx

Lynne xx


Have a nice time


Thanks for the link Jo.

I used to have an automated phone call from the Met office concerning weather warnings, then they stopped without explanation.

When I enquired I was told that now my GP needed to request the service, but my GP surgery (12 doctors - random access) seemed to know nothing about it and were not helpful. Surprise surprise.

Does anyone have a cheerful tale of improving NHS service?



I asked my respitarory nurse why we didn't get them anymore and was told that they stopped doing them because they didn't decrease the number of hospital admissions caused by cold weather!

Carole x


Well down here in brighton i saw a big ball of light in the sky thought we were being invaded by aliens then i realised it was the sun albeit briefly but its bleeding cold


I was having a new front door fitted this morning as the snow was falling. The stuff that they sealed it with smelt terrible and made me cough so had to stand at the open back door!


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