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Hi everyone, I would like to know if anyone has noticed while on a Nebulising machine that their eyesight has improved?

I have been on a nebuliser for 24hours now, using it for 3 to 4 times a day, with Ventalin and Salon, Ventalin opens up the airways and Saline helps loosen the phlemn, whilst on this machine I have found that my eyesight has improved somewhat I would Love to hear from you. Take care of yourselves.....

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hi I use mine with just ventolin twice a day since mid Jan and have not noticed any eyesight improvement. The copd has imrpoved by about 50% tho and thats the important bit. all the best with yours.


Thank you ianrgrant, good to know that it works anyway, hope that soon it will be 100% for you, good luck. As you say, that is the important thing.

Take care


When I was first prescribed a nebulizer I was informed that ventolin can have long term effects on vision. To lessen any such effect I was advised to use a mouthpiece in preference to a mask - which tends to leak into the eyes. All I can say is, one way or another, over the years my eyes must have had more than their share of nebuliser vapour and my eyesight is still pretty good.

To help clear the chest in an emergency using saline to help clear the chest has saved my bacon more than once.


Thank you lescudjack, I don't particularly like the mask, perhaps I will use the mouthpiece, but do like the idea of my eyesight improving, - but perhaps that is only whilst on the nebuliser.

Good that the saline has saved your bacon more than once. I think using the nebuliser at home is so much better than being put into hospital. How long before you start to feel better, I have only been on it for 2 days and can't really say I feel that much better, last night I was having a really bad coughing fit and was sick, but at least the phlemn is loosening, thats something. Look after yourself.


Oh yes, I forgot to mension that during the coughing fit and being sick, I had a nose bleed, and today had nose bleed again, is this normal please?


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