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I have been a bit wary of writing this, I am afraid of jinxing the good, but since his last hospitalisation, despite having another 3 lots of anti biotics, he really seems to have steadied out. Hes no better, but he's certainly no worse, the nurse says she thinks he's plateaued. I dont know how long its gonna last, but its certainly good while its here. The stairlift is a godsend, it has given him back his independance, if he wants to go upstairs now, he goes, instead of using the commode , much better for his pride. He goes to daycare at the hospice, which is just down the road from us, he gets picked up and dropped off, I've told him if he paints a picture I'll put it where I used to put the kids pictures, on the fridge for a day then line the walls of the bin lol.theres card games and dominoes, and he gets a 3 course lunch, and plenty of lady volunteers to flirt with, good job its only one day a week, or he might make me redundant. while hes there tomorrow, I'm doing ladies wot lunch with my daughter and grandaughter, as long as it doesnt flipping snow.

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  • Fingers crossed, touching wood there is no jinx on this hope for life not changing.

  • I can't tell you how happy it has made me to read such heart warming news amagran! Have a lovely time with your girls tomorrow, lots of love P x

  • Simply fab hun xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • That's lovely news amagran :) for both of you. Long may it continue xx Enjoy your lunch tomorrow.. I'll tell the snow to lay off for a day or two ;) xx

  • I'm so pleased to read that Richard is bearing up and yourself amagran, great news on the stairlift and have a lovely day tommorow :) xxx

  • Great news, fingers crossed that it carries on. Enjoy lunch.

    Lynne xx

  • Enjoy your day tomorrow relax and let them pick up the bill ;)

    I am sure Richard will be doing the same with his ladies :)

  • Lovely news, lovely couple. I am praying the snow holds off for you to get to your lunch.

    STAIR LIFTS RULE - YEAH!!!!!!! xxx

  • Regards to Richard. I hope he stays reasonably well.

  • all the best to both of you love of love Julia xxxxxxxx

  • Lovely to hear from you and how Richard is doing. Wishing you a great day today - hope its not snowing with you and a great day of flirting for Richard! TAD xx

  • Good to hear Richard is OK

  • So pleased for you Amagran and glad that Richard seems to be fine (touching wood!) at least for now. It is great that he can go upstairs and I bet he enjoys the day centre too. Sounds like a great place. Have a good day and you stay well too. xxxxx

  • Hope you both enjoy your days tomorrow, glad Richard is bearing up long may it continue.

    Lib xx

  • good news is great to hear, thanks for letting us know. all the best to you both. x

  • What great news, so glad the stair lift is such a success.Richard sounds as if he is having some fun,and thats great! You have a great lunch with daughter and grandaughter,and enjoy your "own time"

    Love to you both Wendells xxx

  • Good news thanks for sharing it has picked up a lot of members.

  • That's really good news. Enjoy your lunch out. Take care,Richard

  • Great hope all carrys on the up all the best

  • Bless you both,enjoy you're girlie lunch and stay well Richard, keep warm. xx


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