Came out of hospital nine days ago feeling better, after having had a bad lung infection, (could not breath was going blue) another symptom was high fever. Now have been to my GP, because am coughing up pinky brown sputum occsionally. He has given me Amoxocillin antibiotics, been on them one day only.

Another development has occurred; I am freezing cold, shivering like befor I went into hospital husband says my head is very warm. Sounds like the infection is growing back do you think? No surgery today, what should I do please?,

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  • if worried contact nhs24 they will advise you gd luck

  • Have you taken your temperature - that's exactly what I'm like when temp high shivering cold but head really hot. Does sound like infection but agree with Dave phone for advice.

    Good luck


  • It does take a couple of days for antibiotics to start to work but and it is a big but, if you feel you are getting worse or do have a high temperature, you may need more aggressive treatment.

    If you are feeling worse, I would be more inclined to speak to your Dr and if you do have a high temp for the first time today since you came out of hospital, I would most certainly get some medical input


  • thank you, all.

  • Hullo, dirose, sorry to hear you are poorly. My experience with amoxycillen that it doesn't work for me. As advised, ring NHS direct. And drink plenty of fluids. All the best

  • Amoxycillin is not recommended for treating chest infections and it sounds to me that yours is making a comeback. I would ring NHS direct and get some advice or try a walk-in centre and see someone. Don't wait and let it take a hold of you. :)

  • thank you will ring up, as feel too cold to go out.

  • Let us know how you get on when you are able but hope you start to feel better



  • I rang NHS Direct, and answered many questions, then a doctor (I think) rang me back, I had done the cold water and paracetamol to get my temperature down, and we decided I could wait and see how it goes, as there will be a doctor available to take calls all night.

    Good job I got some antibiotics on the go, they may not be the best, but the NHS medic, did not duggest changing them, at this time. I soooo do not want to have to go into hospital again, so am hoping this treatment works. Thank you for youir concern that is so nice, truly. x

  • yes, am feeling better already, thank you.

  • Did you have to stay in the hospital? and how long for? I got my temperature down today, and am feeling better, thank you.

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