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Have been told I have to have my feet up for a few hours a day due to the swelling ankles, I didn't find it comfortable sitting with my feet on a stool and didn't fancy sitting on the bed during the day. I can't afford one of those lovely reclining chairs nor do I have the room for one so I told my grey matter to get on it's bike and come up with an idea which it did. I have now ordered a nice reclining garden chair with a rising foot rest. I can use this all evening and fold it up and put it in the bedroom during the day. Result I hope!

Carole x

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  • Good idea carole, and maybe a cushion to support your back.

    Lib x

  • Brilliant idea Carole and one I am sure will be copied. x

  • Clever idea :)

  • What great thinking Carol,just make sure you do put your feet up ,and take care of yourself!(dont forget the little table for your drink& books etc!) You have to do it in style!! xxxxx

  • I have been told to wear support knee highs. Not particularly glamorous but they do the job, and they are covered by trousers. I find it hard to elevate my legs all the time, particularly if I am using the laptop. Think the garden chair a good idea. Some wag told me to keep my legs higher than my heart!!!

  • well done..and you now have a nice new chair to relax in for the summer..lol. take care. xx

  • A nice SAD lamp with a sun lounger and it does not make an impact on life when it is cold and damp going out from the house. Please send us a postcard with news of the holiday at home.

  • Good thinking - good luck TAD xx

  • Enjoying the idea share it with as many as can see the merits of a genius :D

  • I've got one of these and when my back plays me up, I set it up in the lounge...just the job, its excellent.

    I'm sure you'll feel better for getting it...

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