Goodbye to a dear old friend!

Feeling a bit down tonight,we had to put our 14 yr.old lab.'down'.Poor girl,had been having problems with arthritis,in her back legs for some time.We knew this day would come,but probably not so quickly.Unfortunately,her front legs,suddenly collapsed on her,and we knew the time had come.

It was very peaceful anyway,the vet & nurse, were very kind & understanding.

Jazz had grown up with most of the grandchildren,whom she loved,and they are most upset,although I assured the younger ones, she is having the time of her life,with other dogs,in "doggie heaven"

We will miss her so much,she always sensed when I was sick,and would'nt leave my side.Jazz was pretty smart too,picking up the paper,off the lawn every morning,and bringing it to us.Same with the mail!

Sorry to "have a cry on your shoulders",will try to be a bit more upbeat next time,but for the moment, there seems to be a real empty space in the house,

Love Wendells xxxx

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I'm so sorry Wendells, we bring them into our lives and they give us so much pleasure, to say goodbye is the price we have to pay. She sounds like she was a wonderful friend to your family and you will all have lovely memories. Don't beat yourself up for feeling sad. xxx

Thanks Gilly,you are so right in what you said.Its a small price I guess, for the years,that we have them xxxx

So sorry Wendells. like you said Jazz will be in doggie heaven now pain free. Cry on our shoulders any time you want to. Sending you lots of hugs. Syl xxx

Thanks Sylb.Feel a bit better already.It is realy like losing a friend,she knew all my secrets etc. and never dobbed me in!! Hugs back to you,Wendells xxxx

Awe Wendells a space in your house and a huge space in your heart. She sounds like she was a wonderful part of the family and I am sure you have some lovely memories. It is so sad when you lose a dear pet, but the joy and loyalty they bring is so special.

Love C xxx

Thanks to you also!! I will definetely cherish the memories she left,she was definetely one of the family xxx

so sorry to hear your sad news, its always so hard to lose a pet that you've loved and

cared for, for so many years, it will get easier, it may take time but it will,

love and hugs,

rose xxx

Thanks lindierose,pets certainly become a part of your life ,dont they?

Do hope you are feeling ok,and things workng out for you.

Big hugs Wendells xxx

That is very sad Wendells, we had our spaniel Toby put down we had him 14 years so I know how you must be feeling.

Lib x

We should be grateful for the 14 years I suppose,but as you know,it is so hard to say goodbye!

Wendells xxx

Sorry to read about your beloved pet, treasured part of the family.

Just think of the great life you all shared, know how hard it is we are dog mad and have been through what you are going through. Take care and thanks for sharing.

Don't know if it will help but there are pet web sites you can join to keep the memory alive. You can post a loving note and put on pictures.


Sorry David, my comment to you,seemed to have skipped over another!! Just look after the next one!

The grief that comes following the loss of a beloved pet is just as heartbreaking as that of the loss of any other member of the family. At least you did the humane thing Wendells and your devoted friend is no longer in pain.

My fella and I took the same decision last year when our 16 year old Yorkshire Terror's (!) health began to fail due to a tumour in his throat. It was the hardest decision we've ever had to make and his presence is still sorely missed.

Take comfort from the fact that you had many years of happiness with Jazz and she was lucky to have you as 'parents'

:) xx

Oh goodness, 16 years,what a good innings! He must have been well looked after!

Yes, we were lucky to have Jazz,and I must admit, she had a great home with us.

Thanks, Wendells xxx

Thanks for your support David,dogs certainly grow on you,dont they? Thanks also for your suggestion,something for us to think about!

Cheers Wendells xxx

Hi Wendells, we lost our two dogs 4 years ago, one, a little mongrel aged 13, we had to have put to sleep because of advanced diabetes and the other, a 14 year old border collie in good health, had a massive heart attack 3 weeks later and died on the spot. He was very healthy up until then and I like to think he didn't want to carry without the little one. It's funny, I still hear them around the house from time to time and even 4 years later, the cat always check a room before she comes in! I don't know why, as she ruled the roost anyway! Hope your sadness turns into fond memories. Libby x

What a lovely story libby! My neighbours dog, died 1 week after they had put the older one down and like your boy,was very healthy,but heartbroken!

How amazing about the cat!!

Love Wendells xx

Hullo, Wendells, really sad to hear about Jazz. We love our pets, but I cant help thinking that pets have a privilege that humans dont - they aren't allowed to suffer. It is such a painful decision to call the vet in. I know well from experience. Love Annie80

Oh Annie,I do sometimes think about that myself, (being kinder to animals,than humans)

Thanks for your kind words,

Love Wendells xxx

Sorry to hear about poor old Jazz Wendells, after all those years of trusted companionship she's gonna be sadly missed. I'm sure she's in a great place now though, where they even have air con in the bedrooms!. Time will heal the pain but you'll never forget her.xx

Very true dall.I could never forget the years we had with her,loved your comment about the aircon!!

Love Wendells xxx

Pets can so quickly become a treasured and well-loved part of your life. My condolences. x

Thanks Aunty Mary,for your condolences.xx

Hi Wendells, So sorry to hear about Jazz, and my not very well timed or appropiate joke (see Medicine).

I lost my dog Buddy at 17. She like Jazz are part of the Family.

Comfort yourself that before Jazz died, She left you a special Bank Account. With a box full of memories, the more you take memories out of the box and share them with your friends and family, the more memories you will have, as they will give you their memories of Jazz to add to the box. Soon your box will be overflowing.


Thanks Dan,what a lovely idea about the "bank" Your Buddy was a long time member of your family too!

Dont worry about the jokes,life still goes on.....!

Wendells xx

How lucky you were to have Jazz in our life. Let yourself grieve as much and for a long as you need to for Jazz. When you smile without tearing up (too much) thinking about all "trouble" Jazz got into and her silly quirks and habits, then you'll know she's truly with you forever.

She will definetely be in my heart forever xx

Hi Wendells.We have had 16 dogs over the years,unwanted,ill treated etc We still have Badger but the others have all gone to where good doggies go and I have cried my heart out over each one of them.But they have all given so much love and effection.

Richard x

They do Richard,I'm so pleased you still have Badger,to keep you on you toes!! xx

oh my how very sad. I am sorry to hear this. He is now at rainbow bridge waiting for you.

Take time to grieve, he was part of your family been there through good times and bad. When my dogs die, I plant a rose bush and call it there name so I have somewhere to go and talk to them . Never be sorry to lose a tear for him.

<<<<<passing the hankies



Goodness Jackie,what a lovely idea,and I loved the thought of rainbow bridge.Ta for the hankies.....! xx

Hi Wendells just the same time of year my son's cat died and worse still he was on holiday and I was looking after her. She was fourteen also and I keep worrying if I did the right thing in keeping her going a couple of more days than was wise so that he could see her before I took her to the vet (he couldn't face it but drove us there) even looking at all your replies about Jazz though is a

I'm so pleased for you,that you got some comfort, from all this.What a shame that happened, whilst with you,it would have been a sad experience xxx

hi wendells i lost my dog just before xmas he was 15 years old his legs started to collapse when he tried to walk so we had to take him to the vets and was told he would be better to be put down after about a week my daughter got me another dog and this helped a lot to ease the pain of losing him

I am so glad the other dog,eased your pain.That was nice of your daughter,to do that for

I'm so sorry about your news Wendells, I still miss my dogs after several years. Try to think about the many happy times you shared and the unconditional love you both felt xx

Lynne xx

Will do Lynne,and thankyou,you know how it feels,they become such a big part of your life,without you realising! xxx

Thanks Stitch,nice to hear from you xxx

So sorry Wendells its heartbreaking isn't it? My family had 2 labs at different times. The golden lab was only 11 when she had to be put down due to an enlarged liver and back legs going completely. The last lab was black and she died about 4 years ago now. She had cancer and the back legs again. She was 13 and a half. Unfortunately back legs going is a problem with labs. To keep a lab for 14 years is brilliant and it sounds like she had a great life with lots of love so you should be proud of yourself! Labs are fantastic dogs.

My sister has now got a black lab/collie cross that I walk every day. As she is a bit of a hybrid we are not sure how long we can expect her to live (shes 3 now). She looks like a lab but has got the collie nature - ball obsession, barking etc. Hopefully she will be at least 14 with any luck. My sister did say she was not going to have any more dogs after her

last dog died - she was too upset. I was blubbing like a good 'en But about a year later we came across Millie at 7 months when her owner couldn't keep her.

I have also lost 2 cats which I loved dearly. My current one is now 16 - old for a cat. I am a firm believer that when we go we see our beloved pets again and can spend eternity with them.

So hold onto the good times you had with her Wendells. I firmly believe she is in heaven looking down on you all!

Bev xx

Thanks so much Bev,& for your interesting story about your animals.Our cat lived for 19 years,and died about 3 years ago now..He was amazing, & only got sick in the last few months.

Yes, labs are amazing,unfortunately some do seem to suffer leg/'hip probs. etc.Jazz was very fortunate she lived a very healthy life, till near the end.

I do hope she can see, how much she is missed!

Love Wendells xxx

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

the link

That is truly lovely jackie,bought a tear to my eye.Thanks so much,very thoughtful,

Love Wendells xxxx

Sorry to hear your sad news Wendells. Jazz sounded like a wonderful pet to have around and good with kids too. Pets are so beloved and part of the family so it is hard to say goodbye. Thinking of you. xxxx

Thanks Sassy,I have been quite overwhelmed,at the messages of support.Most people have had pets,so they know what one goes through,being so hard to say goodbye.This forum has been wonderful for me.xxxx

it's sad losing a pet, especially one so close. xxx

To true Julie,they do become part of your life xxxx

So sorry for your loss Wendall, losing a pet, is losing not only a member of your family, but a chunk of your heart. In times gone by I have had some mad ways of dealing with loss of my pets, my late rats used to get laid out in a lovely gift box, on soft bedding surrounded by their favourite treats for 24 hours before I could bury them. Then I would buy something that reminded my of them to commemorate their memory. My last daxie Max still resides in his little mahogany box in the living room next to a life size sculpture of him I made. And on his special day we still do something special to remember him (of course Lottie is included too). My pets have given me so much in my life, and for anyone who says it is only an animal, well they don't understand the pleasure of being loved unconditionally by a fur baby. So Wendall once again truly sorry for your loss, don't feel at any time you have to hide your grief, you will never forget, but time will make it easier. And finally remember in the last act of kindness you did the best for your dog, and if a pet could thank you they would!

Love hugs Daxie mad and Lottie

Thanks Daxie mad and Lottie. How interesting,thats wonderful to think you made a life size sculpture of him,that would give you comfort too.

They realy do give one so much pleasure and unconditional love,I cant understand anyone, not loving them.

We buried jazz, under the very big mango tree,which she used to love lyeing under,so we still do feel she is arounds us.

Thanks for your kind words,

Love Wendells xxxx

I know this feeling so well. With all our dogs no one else has been able to go and have it done so it has always fallen to me. We presently have a 3 yr old Red Fox Labrador and we love him to bits. he picks up when our daughter is about to take ill so for us he is a godsend as there are no warning signs. But I am so sorry you have lost your much loved pet xxxxx

Thanks ozzygirl! You certainly would know how I am feeling!

Your dog sounds like a beauty,at 3 he has a lot of life in him yet.

How wonderful he picks up, on your daughters health,that would be a marvellous help.How clever he is.

Thanks for posting, I hope things are reasonably well with you and your family,I know you have a lot on your plate,(from past blogs) & realy admired your spirit.Take care,

Love Wendells xxxx

Thankyou so much Wendells. Losing a pet will never be anything less than heart breaking and dogs more so. So faithful even when we are in a foul mood or we are in no mood to play. Rambo is a clever dog and it is something we realised the very day we got him at 8 weeks old. That night he would not leave our daughter alone, we thought it was him being wrenched from his mum and siblings. He cried at her constantly for hours and all the cuddling in the world never stopped him. Later that night she took very ill. Each time we moved him to see to her he got right back under her chin. Today he has been at her side constantly, well he has for the last few weeks, and she is not well at all. My heart is with you hun xxxxx

They ask for little yet give us loads ... Unconditional Love" ... that's what having a dog is all about, I still miss my 2 boys after many years, then suddenly something happens and I remember with a smile all the happy times we shared.

Take care Wendells



Thankyou also Karen! Yes memories are marvellous,and a great comfort at times.I am so glad you have happy memories of your 2 boys.I am sure we will have many of Jazz, when the hurt dies down.

Your little saying is so true,thanks for that,

Love Wendells xxx

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