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Lovely oven

I had my cooker cleaned today it is lovely, I don't thing I will ever use it again because it will get dirty. Seriously we have bought a table top oven no doing too well with it at the moment the instructions are not good and not sure which setting to use it on.

It can be top or bottom heating or both or convection top or bottom or grill, if anyone has any recipes i would love to have them

polly xx

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Have fun practicing xxxx

Lynne xx


Hi Polly, don't have any recipes I'm afraid but do have a mini oven. They are dead easy to use and you'll soon get used to it. Far less complicated than a microwave and I bet you use one of those! Just use it like an ordinary oven. The grill is a grill, top and bottom together are for baking, stewing, chips, pizza, anything like that. Never just used the bottom heat. I don't use the timer on mine, I just turn it to "on" , set the temperature and off we go. Bet you won't need to use your big one soon, you'll save quite a bit in electricity (probably less if your big oven is gas, but you'll still save as you are only heating a little oven. is a fantastic site, you can search by ingredients, speed, low calorie, etc. I've used it for my slow cooker and done some great meals (not for a good while though, even the slow cooker is getting too much recently!). Send me a doggy bag over! Libby x


We had a thing called a mini oven at a community office I worked in. It was a free gift from a stationary company. The size and design was like a bread bin. It had the heating bars at the top and bottom, a bit like the old electric fires with the coiled rod bars.

I just looked and found a picture of one very similar -

On the front were some symbols showing things like Fish 10 mins, potato 18 mins, toast 4 mins - to which had been added 'fingers 0 mins' - the thing looked so lethal that nobody even dared to plug it in !


Talk about a bun in the oven!!!


I do not have one of these but I could do with getting the cooker cleaned. I hope you have lots of fun trying recipes out on it xxxxx


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