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pain in upper back right side

Hiya and a Happy New Year to you all, Im hoping somebody can help me with this as you know I broke my right foot on xmas eve, well over the last few days my calf was really painful then it seemed to move up my leg. Now when I breathe move cough or just about do anything I have a stabbing pain in the upper right side of my back just under my shoulder blade, I am now only taking really little breaths and I have been taking Tramadol for the pain which dont seem to be doing anything. Hope somebody can shed some light onto this Thanks Julia xxxxxxxxxx

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hi, sorry to here this, not a doctor but would get medical attention FAST, it sounds as if it could be a blood clot, if it is leaving it could be fatal, please get help NOW xx


Yes, do get yourself checked out fast, don't be fobbed of until you have a satisfactory answer fom A & E.! Better safe than sorry, I hope you feel better very soon.


be aware that tramadol is addictive !


As I was reading this beloved daughter in law rang to wish me happy new year. Sounded a bit down so asked what was wrong and doctor has said she might have a slipped disc so has gone to her mums as she is in a lot of pain. As the advice above.....I have told her to go to A&E now!!!! Julia, you are not my beloved daughter in law but the advice is the same....GET DOWN TO A&E NOW!! and then get back to us and I sincerely hope it's pulled muscles.

Not bullying....just concerned! If it is too dificult to get there call an ambulance, they wil then assess you at home and take it from there.

Now holding my breath for you and my Fiona,




Hope by now you have been to A & E and got some kind of answer? Do let us know how you get on as it doesn't sound good and the advice you have been given above makes absolute sense.

Good luck



julia, hope you ok, keep coming back to see if there is update, really hope you got some medical help. am so worried for you (think as ive been there, 1 in lung 4 in legs) i now know how urgent it is to get help, wishing you well, please update as soon as you can, thinking of you dawn xx


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