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Passive smoking?

Have spent Christmas day with my family for a change! Usually they come to me but help with everything . This year felt unable to cope so went to one daughters. Her and her partner smoke, so although they do not smoke in my house, always go outside, they smoked at their own house. I suppose I was there about 10 hrs yesterday and today about 6. Is it possible to Make my chest feel sore, I have been packed up smoking almost 3 years and rarely been inflicted with smoke since. I have been breathless and tired for about a week so started my steroids stand by and tonight going to start on the antibiotics. Anything else I can do?

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I'm sorry you not feeling well KatieTrin. Really hope you feel better soon. Passive smoking not good for you in your condition but I don't think that occasionally will do you any real harm. I, personally, would put up with it if you can because it is much better to remain on good terms and it might cause friction to make an issue of it. Maybe you can visit more often but for shorter periods in the future if it is making you feel ill.

I think starting your steriods and antibiotics is great idea. They should start working very soon. As usual I would keep an eye on things and if after a few days you don't feel better go to the doctors. Maybe you can up your inhalers a bit too?

Hope this helps and you start feeling better soon.

Bev x

Thankyou so much for your input Bev so nice to have one support on that. As you are probably aware I live on my own, and have surprised myself that within a lot of company it sort of isn't as good as it used to be. Used to love being surrounded by fam and friends but am used to a bit more quiet! You of course echoed my thoughts in that I can't fall out with them, and any other time it would be short visits! She doesn't kow of course about my chest and I won't be telling her! Thanks again Kate xx

Ummm I think you should tell her about your chest Kate. Not in a I have an announcement way but in passing perhaps. Think how awful she would feel if she found out....

Make the most of your family and friends love. I live on my own too. I have to go out to find company and much of it is in the pub.

I have no partner or kids so am running out of family. My dad died 4 years ago, my mum is in a care home, my eldest sister is a recluse, my middle sister is very difficult and a thief and my youngest sister doesn't want me. She is the only one with a kid. She is married with 2 stepchildren, one of whom has 2 little ones. I rarely see any of them because she keeps her families very separate. I'm not even invited at Christmas. I asked to go there last year but she said she had enough people coming round and couldn't fit any more in! I had even bought some christmas crackers - I gave them to charity shop.....

I have some good friends but they all like to spend Christmas with their families so I don't see them over the festive period. I was so lonely today I popped in to see a friend for a coffee otherwise I wouldn't have spoken to anyone today.

I like quiet time too but its different if you haven't got any choice.

Hey - listen to me going on. Its not helping you at all. I have just got a bit of an attack of the blues and that won't do! Onward and upwards. Hope I haven't depressed you too much!

All the best love.

Bev xx

You may now had read sylvsmum comments and my answers answer your question to me last night,both my girls are very good, and perhaps wish she had been more thoughtful, but she wasn't and its a bit late to bring it up now I feel, at some point possibly! I'm sorry you have been left lumbered overchristmas. Bless you, I do make the most of family and friends. I did also say pity we don't live nearer, we could have helped each other more possibly, but if you have a need for a chat there's always this lovely site or even a phone call. Hope you feel a bit more like it today! I'm a bit congested today, but have been diddling about and hope it will soon clear up. I'm doing a bit and sit a bit! Thanks for your chat yesterday. Kate x

Agree with Hypercat that your daughter should be made aware of your chest condition, how would she feel if you had a bad attack due to the passive smoking? It certainly affects me very much if I am in a place where people smoke, thank God for the smoking ban!!!!

Can empathise about not feeling the need for company once you've lived on your own, you begin to quite enjoy your own company. Not a lot more you can do, but I am surprised your daughter is unaware of your condition.

Thankyou been trying to answer Bev, I use -an I pad and sometimes can't get it to behave! I answered her last night then put it in the wrong box! My daughter does 100% know what's wrong and why, she is nearly 40 with 2 grown up s 19 and 15, and was the first to say not to let anyone smoke in my house, and I've moved since, and she never has.i can't expect her to smoke outside her own house because I'm there, and do only visit for short periods. I've not been on top of the world lately, but she doesnt know too much as she works,the other daughter sees ore of me and knows but doesn't smoke, she also gave up. I would think there will be a chance to mention it to her sooner or later. Love my girls, wouldn't want her to be upset! Thanks for your concern Kate x

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