Very sore mouth and prone to ulcers!

Hi I have COPD, and have enjoyed the content and picking up nuggets of information from the site. I posted earlier, but my question doesn't appear anywhere! Does anyone else suffer a very sore mouth, tender and prone to ulcers? Any one can give some ideas would be good. I use 3 inhalers one of those twice a day, and I rinse with water after, unless I'm out! Any advise please, would be grateful!! Katietrin

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  • I used to suffer terribly with mouth ulcers especially on the side of my tounge for years. As an experiment I started to scubb my tounge and inside of my cheeks when I cleaned my teeth. Hay presto no more mouth Ulcers. If I feel an ulcer starting I scrubb the area with my tooth brush and it just goes away. No mouth washes or over the counter treatments did anything for me. Doctors could do nothing but this worked for me. Give it a go! :) there's nothing to lose.

  • Thankyou I will try that

  • You can look back on whatever you have posted before by going into your profile at the top of the page, where it shows your user name, then select 'recent activity' from the menu that appears when you hover your mouse over your name :) I did have a quick glance at yours, there are quite a few posts there. Many messages 'vanish' from the main screen within a day or so now, so it's quite possible to miss a question being asked.

    After using your inhalers it can help to have a really good swill and spit, don't swallow the water. I don't know about scrubbing, but no harm in a brush around as you do your teeth.

    If you don't already have one, get a spacer device to use with the inhalers. If you use the inhaler direct, some of it will hit the back or side of the mouth and not be inhaled. That can cause oral thrush or a sore throat. The spacer dilutes the spray into a mist that you then suck in, with more of the medication reaching the lungs.

    Of course, it's as well to mention this to your GP or nurse as well, it could be a reaction to one of the inhalers and they may change you on to something else or ask you not to use one for a while, to see if you still get the problem.

  • Thanks Gordon, and for the info on how to look back on posts!

  • You can do the same with other users profiles, click on their name on a message they've posted and you go to their profile page where the system displays their recent activity. That's how you get to see the 'about me' bit for each user, if they've filled that in of course.

  • The Resp nurse told me as well as rinsing you mouth, change you toothbrush every month or so and rinsing your mouth with salt water every day may help.


  • Thanks Polly def. try the salt water!

  • All good advice. I went through a period of having pimples on my tongue. Must have told lies in a previous life as I am good in this one. Hope it clears up for you soon. xx

  • Thanks gilly I do love this site, for info a d for the care people show! I also do my est to help others!

  • Nearly 2 years ago I had to have major dental work done. As I am prone to infections (staph.aureus) the dental surgeon told me to rinse my mouth morning and evening with Corsodyl daily (but do follow the instructions), and always rinse your mouth well afterwards. Since starting this daily routine I have had no mouth/gum infections.

    When I asked why Corsodyl the surgeon said it was the most effective mouthwash you can buy over the counter. Hope you soon resolve you problem.

  • Hi Katie, you don't say which, inhalers, I assume the same as me, in which case it's the red Symbi that is the problem, however on the chance that you have had Blue Ventalin changed to green Severent as I did, the Sev burned my throat and I had to change back, I have always used a small spacer, and carry spare one in a black belt pouch (available from Millitary surplus) which fits it exactly.

  • Hi kaiserdad I did try to answer your post earlier' but they put a whoops notice on it and I thought they would just re send it didn't realise I had to start again! I use spiriva, ventolin and seretide, so yes different to you, but I was interested from where you got your small spacer from. The one I have is an aero chamber and to me seems long not easy to carry about really. So would you let me know please where you got yours from, and what size? Much appreciated thanks Katie

  • Happy Christmas Katie, I use the Aero Chamber plus, 6" (15cm) long overall,I don't know of a smaller one or if it would be practical, you can get one a year on prescription, mine is supplied by Lloyds Chemists, I found it a bit cumbersome (not having a handbag) until I got the pouch. Now I have one at home and one in the pouch, since it is on the belt with my scooter keys and large pouch containing my blue badge and stent/steroid cards, I can't forget to take it with me. This is a Police rig so it would not be suitable for a lady but the principle still applies. Best of luck.

  • I have asthma and have sore mouth, tongue, ulcers etc. I suck anti-bacterial lozenges but nothing helps. My tongue burns when I eat anything so I dread having a meal. I have been told I have Sjogrens disease which causes dry mouth and dry eyes and this causes bacteria in the mouth which results in ulcers. I have to drink water all the time and use sprays to make saliva.

    I am going to the ear,nose and throat clinic next month and will mention it to them.

    If I find anything out I will let you know.


  • My dentist said to to rinse well after the inhalers (recently) and today I started a a regime of rinsing with salt water and brushing round tongue etc with the brush after cleaning my teeth, which are 2pieces of advise from other members! Still would be interested to know if you learn any more! Thanks, and merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  • i have ulcers and a sore mouth very often, when my lung doc issued steriod inhaler, i was advised to brush my teeth with toothpaste as the inhaler can cause a sore mout.

    one thing buy myself is Medigel, not the Medigel pastilles, also i find ordinary toothpaste makes my mouth sting, so now i am on Weleda, Ratanhia toothpaste, there are several flavours, i do hope this will be useful to you

    Happy Christmas

    love Janx

  • Thanks for that Jan will try this and let you know, going or the salt water first!

  • Thanks for this, I went to a company called Green People and now buy their toothpaste as even Sensodyne made my mouth sting, there is something in normal toothpastes that cause this stinging but since changing to the Green Peoples toothpaste it has now stopped and it is very soothing.

    I bought lots of tyrozets and anti-bacterial lozenges and suck those during the day and they help a lot too, numbing the ulcers. Some days I can now go for a week without getting anything then I start to forget and lapse a bit and stop sucking the lozenges and the soreness comes back.

    Merry Christmasxxxxx

  • I have had a sore mouth and ulcers since being on all my 'meds' and my consultant told me to use a Spacer (GP can prescribe this for you) with my Seratide, as oral thrush is a very common side-effect with these inhaled drugs. He also prescribed me a short course of Nystan, which worked brilliantly too - it's an oral suspension that you gargle with first and then swallow.

    I use a tongue brush after cleaning my teeth as well. Hope you find something that helps you from all your responses here, as ulcers are horrid.

    Take care and Happy New Year :)

  • Hi again,

    I knew I'd remember something else after I'd logged off yesterday - typical.

    Anyway, zinc tablets are amazing. Holland & Barrett do a range and their staff are always so well informed and helpful.

    Good Luck - you have quite a lot of information to consider here now :)

  • Hi covenham, thanks for the info. I have since been using a spacer which I already had and it has a rubber mask so fits very snugly, and an improvement with that. Taking all advice into account, I now brush my tongue and mouth with warm salt water, after rinsing with it after brushing oops could have put that better!vso clean teeth, rinse warm salt water, brush tongue teeth cheeks with warm salt water, makes my mouth hum (sting) for a bit but this morning didn't wake up with a white coated sore tongue. Not heard of zinc, as such but will talk to them about that. Many thanks for the info, happy new year! Xx kate

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