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At Last, I have become a true member

I have been hovering and posting on here for a few months, but I have now filled in my profile.

Which is me accepting all other members as trusted friends, people I feel confidant in sharing my information with.

Hubby is not so good at the moment, chesty with very poor blood pressure.

Isn't it just so, it's christmas for everybody else.

I will be back on, but for now, I must get on with things. I can hear him coughing, that means he's trying to get up. Start of another day here at the madhouse.

Wishing you all a good day.

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Hi and welcome Tuttifruity. I hope we can offer some advice, however little.

You have been through a lot together and I'm glad your hubby still has his sense of humour.


Welcome on board Tuttifruity.


Hello and welcome you our little family on here.

Lynne xx

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Hi tuttifruity, It is good to have you on here I think we sometimes forget how hard it is for carers as well as ourselves.

polly xx


Hi tuttifruity,a welcome from me also.Polly made a good point about it being hard on the carer as well.

Do hope you manage to have a little bit of xmas fun.Just blog on here, when you need a friendly shoulder,

All good wishes Wendells xxx


Thank you for the welcome.

I am trying to bake some cakes today, ready for grandaughters birthday on boxing day.

But would't you know, every man and his dog have been calling in !!

So far I've got 2 rock hard, forgot to add the milk? 2 fallen badly, a visitor opened the oven to see what I was baking ? The last 2 seem ok, a little over cooked, but with icing and decs, they will be fine !

Hubby can't do with any 'fuss' so christmas is always cancelled at this house now........?

Years ago when were more energetic? we both worked hard and played hard, he was the life and sole of any party, so I know this is his health talking, and his wish is now my command, anything for a quiet life. ha ha ha .

See ya soon, from the flour fairy, (for today)



Hi tuttifruity.Welcome .I will try to keep your spirits up with some funniesin2013.Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Richard Cornish


Hi Tuttifruity welcome. Glad you have decided to join us.

Hope you have a good chrismas.

Bev x


hello there .... you are very welcome here and hope you find great benefit from the loveliness and wisdom and knowledge of some really great people here. x


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